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adj. daft·er, daft·est
1. Crazy; deranged.
2. Foolish; stupid.
3. Scots Frolicsome.

[Middle English defte, dafte, humble, uncouth, awkward; see deft.]

daft′ly adv.
daft′ness n.
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Noun1.daftness - informal terms for insanity
insanity - relatively permanent disorder of the mind


n (inf)Blödheit f, → Doofheit f (both inf)
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I caught up with them as a child when they were repeated on television and although I'm not sure whether I understood many of the smutty innuendos, I loved the sheer daftness from beginning to end.
These guys were at another "do" a few months ago and, either through drink or daftness, pledged to raise pounds 40,000 to help build and maintain this school in Africa.
stand together all the time in a hairy,golden, more-or-less unintelligible haze of daftness
The joy of collecting my first sports car and the daftness of being chased down a Blackpool street by a group of pensioners who thought I was a Rolling Stone.
If you're prepared to take everything you may know about medical procedures from watching ERand put it in the bin, you may enjoy Awake for the sheer brave daftness of the plot's twists and turns.
But he has surpassed himself for daftness with his idea for a Birmingham "beach" in Chamberlain Square.
I believe the greatest comics let you into the darkness or daftness of their souls.
The photograph was hardly lewd, the interview very silly, and it was a piece of daftness that didn't deserve all the attention it received.
Directed by Neil LaBute - who gave us the shockingly bad Wicker Man remake a couple of years back - it just about entertains for the first two-thirds before the wheels come off in the last 30 minutes, the movie careening into big generic daftness.
Zell weger expertly mixes her signatur e chirpy daftness with a tough, quick-witted cyni-cism; and Zeta Jones, her con-siderable charisma put to proper use for once , rivets your attention w ith Velma's sordid elegance .
It's easy to moan about cop shows and soaps veering swiftly away from ``gritty realism'' into incredible story lines and just plain daftness, because it happens so frequently.
Has that slight bit of daftness you need for the position.