dairy farming

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Noun1.dairy farming - the business of a dairydairy farming - the business of a dairy    
farming, husbandry, agriculture - the practice of cultivating the land or raising stock
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Historically low milk prices are devastating New Yorks dairy farming communities, and this legislation would improve the existing safety net to stabilize these farms during periods of very low milk prices.
Rural Affairs Secretary Lesley Griffiths said: "While the report shows profitable dairy farming is possible, I am particularly concerned that some Welsh dairy farms have costs of production which are higher than the milk price has ever reached.
Organised by SAC Consulting, part of Scotland's Rural College (SRUC), Precision Technologies in Dairy Farming will be held at SRUC's Barony Dairy Technology Centre on Thursday, February 1.
Matrix is a leading dairy farm in Pakistan that complies with best dairy farming practices.
However, with our latest survey estimating 56% of dairy farmers currently employ workers from the EU, it is not resilient either for us to continue to rely so heavily on overseas labour in the long-term," he said "So we want to look at how we can keep dairy farming from falling off a cliff edge while addressing the issues that turn off UK workers from seeking a career in the sector.
Sonderby has plans to educate children and youth in the UAE about dairy farming.
Summary: Shillong (Meghalaya) [India], Aug 4 (ANI): The Government of Meghalaya recently organized a livestock mission programme to boost up dairy farming and encourage farmers and unemployed youth for sustainable livelihood to the people of the state.
Workshop organizer Dr Ali Husnain said, 'Precision dairy farming involves the use of modern technologies to measure physiological, behavioral and production indicators on individual animals.
This second of two volumes on environmentally sustainable dairy farming reviews ways of ensuring the safety and quality of milk on the dairy farm, and assesses ways of improving the sustainability of dairy farming as well as ways of improving milk production in the developing world.
WHAT MAKES A FARMER decide to begin a dairy farming project?
BREXIT should be the spark that reignites Welsh dairy farming, Welsh Tories have said.
Nestle has inaugurated the Dairy Farming Institute in Northeast China, in one of the company's biggest dairy investments that will help modernise Chinese dairy farming practices to enable farmers to meet the country's fast-growing milk demand in a sustainable manner in the years ahead.