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Adj.1.daisylike - resembling a daisy
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Their sturdy stems hold daisylike flowers in a wide range of colors that bloom beginning in midsummer and continue into fall.
The sunny orange and yellow daisylike flowers of pot marigolds or calendula, which are known as poor man's saffron, can also be used for colouring and adding a warm, aromatic flavour to food.
Hailing from Mexico, they have floaty ferny foliage and tonnes of cheerful daisylike pink and white flowers.
It grows up to 6 feet tall and boasts bright yellow, daisylike flowers from midsummer into fall.
Feverfew: Feverfew (Tanacetum parthenium) is a small, daisylike flower (Goodyear-Smith 2010).
Long-blooming daisylike flowers top straight stems with dark green foliage, making them a favorite for bouquets.
They are members of the Aster family and have daisylike flowers in shades of yellow, orange, russet and mahogany, with a black 'cone' in the centre which is valued by finches and other small birds when the seed heads ripen.
A native of Europe, the weed is known for its daisylike, entirely yellow flowers, its ragged and ruffled leaves, and its toxicity.
Good companions The poker-like blooms stand out well among round flowers such as phlox and any daisylike blooms.
Many grow to only 15cm (6in) tall, producing daisylike flowers.
The root and sometimes the aboveground portions of this daisylike flower have been shown to bolster the immune system and help the body fight colds.