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Adj.1.daisylike - resembling a daisy
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Feverfew: Feverfew (Tanacetum parthenium) is a small, daisylike flower (Goodyear-Smith 2010).
Long-blooming daisylike flowers top straight stems with dark green foliage, making them a favorite for bouquets.
They are members of the Aster family and have daisylike flowers in shades of yellow, orange, russet and mahogany, with a black 'cone' in the centre which is valued by finches and other small birds when the seed heads ripen.
A native of Europe, the weed is known for its daisylike, entirely yellow flowers, its ragged and ruffled leaves, and its toxicity.
Good companions The poker-like blooms stand out well among round flowers such as phlox and any daisylike blooms.
Many grow to only 15cm (6in) tall, producing daisylike flowers.
Cosmos - which produce large daisylike flowers in white, lavender, pink and red - are one summer flower that, as long as they get full sun, should stay fungus-free.
Characteristically, multiple microscopic and abnormal aggregates encircled by holes are seen, giving a daisylike appearance described as "florid plaques.
Krasnow also interspersed the "Portraits" series with a few works from her "Severed Flowers," 1994-, a series of daisylike blossoms in saturated, synthetic hues.
Delosperma) Groundcovers with succulent leaves and daisylike flowers of bright pink (D.
Willamette daisy: Daisylike flowers with yellow centers and pinkish-blue rays.
For yellow flowers, try coreopsis with its daisylike flowers, or buckwheats like Eriogonum umbellatum, the ``sulphur buckwheat'' that grows in a neat clumping form.