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n. pl. dalasi
See Table at currency.

[Mende, possibly ultimately from English dollars, pl. of dollar.]


(Currencies) the standard monetary unit of The Gambia, divided into 100 bututs
[from a Gambian native name]


(dɑˈlɑ si)

n., pl. -si, -sis.
the basic monetary unit of The Gambia.
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Noun1.dalasi - the basic unit of money in Gambia
Gambian monetary unit - monetary unit in Gambia
butat, butut - 100 bututs equal 1 dalasi in Gambia
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Also on Wednesday, 21 February, at 10:30 am, the Department of Science and Technology will launch the second edition of the South African Risk and Vulnerability Atlas with critical information on the impact of climate change in South Africa in Dalasi, the Crowne Plaza, Rosebank Hotel, Johannesburg.
The government also has ambitious plans to boost investment in the petrochemical sector over the next five years," ENOC Chief Executive Safi Al Dalasi said.
Inflation has reversed its rising trend, reflecting the stabilization of the dalasi and a gradual decrease in food prices.
Dans le vecu quotidien, ils utilisent le dalasi comme monnaie, les puces telephoniques gambiennes; ils vont a I'ecole gambienne et se soignent en Gambie .
This time he was knocking against a dangerous political taboo, brazenly throwing caution to the wind to criticise the regime for interfering with the natural trend of the economy by pressing the values of international currencies like the dollar, pound and euro down to allow the dalasi some degree of national respectability after a year of particularly poor performance.
Travel HOT|| will give a good exchange rate - 65 dalasi to the pound.
The new law says a person who engages in female circumcision could face up to three years in prison or a fine of 50,000 dalasi (PS851).
These efforts will need to continue to turn interest rates around and reduce pressure on the Dalasi [currency]," he said.
The Newspaper Amendment Act forces private newspapers and journalists to execute bonds in the order of 500,000 dalasi, or approximately $20,000, an amount that is four times the previous bond requirement and so excessive that it will have the effect of shutting down the private newspapers.