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Great damage done to enemy fleet; remainder in full retreat, many badly damaged.
Philip was impatient and could never rest till he had put in action the plan which he had in mind; so on the following afternoon he got in a dealer in second-hand furniture who offered him three pounds for all his goods damaged and undamaged; and two days later he moved into the house opposite the hospital in which he had had rooms when first he became a medical student.
But the Scarecrow, however damaged, was all there, while the pumpkin head that was so necessary to Jack's existence was missing; so the boy seized a long pole that fortunately lay near at hand and anxiously turned again toward the river.
If they're damaged goods, they're like enough to be a bit the better quality.
go--ten shillin' for the whole lot--ten yards, countin' the damaged un--five-an'-twenty shillin' 'ud ha' been the price, not a penny less.
Glegg was busy examining the damaged yard, and throwing her head back to see how far the fault would be lost on a distant view.
That damaged bit's turned your stomach now; I see it has," said Bob, wrapping the muslin up with the utmost quickness, and apparently about to fasten up his pack.
A splinter from the projectile had damaged one of the control levers beyond the possibility of repair outside a machine shop; but after considerable tinkering, Carthoris was able to propel his wounded flier at low speed, a rate which could not approach the rapid gait of the thoat, whose eight long, powerful legs carried it over the ochre vegetation of the dead sea-bottom at terrific speed.
ISLAMABAD -- National Disaster Management Authority (NDMA) has provided 1,403 classrooms/shelter tents to mitigate effects of earthquake-2015 and to assist districts for restoration of education process at fully damaged schools.
Giving district-wise details of damaged/partially damaged educational institutions, official sources on Wednesday said in Swat the number was 307 which included 54 fully damaged and 253 partially damaged while in Buner the number was 190 including 22 fully damaged and 168 partially damaged.
In the high school district, the damage to Littlerock High School was estimated to be about $160,000, including $100,000 worth of books damaged or lost, Deputy Superintendent Jeff Foster said.
The researchers next identified 69 smokers or former smokers with a variety of damaged brain areas caused by strokes, surgery, or other factors.