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n.1.(law) Harm; detriment, either to character or property.
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The landlord appealed, citing multiple errors by the trial court, including: admission of expert testimony without sufficient pretrial notice of the substance; giving an adverse-inference spoliation instruction based on the landlords eventual disposal of the old furnace; and allowing plaintiffs to increase their ad damnum after the close of evidence.
The argument in favor of this position does not rest on any distinctive First Amendment doctrine, but follows from the standard common (and Roman) law view that certain forms of harm must be regarded as damnum absque injuria, literally harm (damnum) without legal injury (absque injuria).
Finaliza el capitulo 35 del libro tercero del Codigo con sendas constituciones imperiales de Diocleciano y Maximiano, a Claudio y a Plinio respectivamente, por las cuales permiten la demanda por la Ley Aquilia por el duplo contra quien, encerrando ganado ajeno, lo matara, aunque fuese de hambre, o para pedir indemnizacion contra quien consumiera ilicitamente los pastos ajenos; apreciamos, por tanto, dos disposiciones de proteccion por la via del delito de damnum iniuriae datum de recursos naturales relacionados con la fauna y la flora (C.
current law in Michigan to read the jury the ad damnum from the
Indeed, title and interest bear more than a passing resemblance to the concepts of injuria and damnum, which played a role in Founding-era debates about the right to sue in the courts of the United States.
In matters of obligations, there are two quite commonly used expressions: damnum emergens and lucrum cessans.
DWL policies may heighten the need to send excess ad damnum letters [which explain the amount that can be recovered under a default judgment] to policyholders and convey the latter's right to engage separate counsel.
The law of nuisance has always in part distinguished reasonable and unreasonable interference by regarding some interference as de minimis or, perhaps part of the same idea, so much an inevitable, and practically irremediable, part of social coexistence as to be damnum sine injuria: 'injury with no condemnation [damages]'.
91) Also, there was an old doctrine of damnum absque injuria, appearing to make Hohfeld's axiom far less axiomatic.
Arroyo also claimed the UCCP lacked cause of action against her on the grounds that there was damnum absque injuria (loss without injury); that the complaint was a suit against the state; and the UCCP leaders did not have any cause of action for any alleged act on her part in the performance of her official duties as President and Commander in Chief.
On Cajetan's analysis, all such defenses ultimately rely on appeal to damnum emergens (36) and, while Cajetan does allow for this in certain cases, the practices of the montes pietatis fall short of a just claim thereto.
135, certo incapax ita evadere videatur ut ipsius regiminis continuado in damnum Praelaturae practice converteretur, tunc Vicarius auxiliaris eligi a Congressu potest in quem omnia Praelati iura et officia, excepto tamen titulo, transferantur; electus confirmationem electionis a Sancta Sede per se vel per alium petere debet>> (Statuta, n.