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also dam·oi·selle or dam·o·zel  (dăm′ə-zĕl′)
n. Archaic
A young woman; a damsel.

[Middle English damoisele, from Old French damoiselle, damsel; see damsel.]
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Noun1.damozel - a young unmarried womandamozel - a young unmarried woman    
maiden, maid - an unmarried girl (especially a virgin)
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Instead of the conventional rack of war-worn bats, a carved oak bookcase, with every shelf in a litter, filled the better part of one wall; and where I looked for cricketing groups, I found reproductions of such works as "Love and Death" and "The Blessed Damozel," in dusty frames and different parallels.
5) and John Byam Liston Shaw's The Blessed Damozel (1895; Fig.
Rhywbeth arall am Gweni, a dim byd i wneud hefo'i gwaith celf , ond os oedd unrhywun yn yr ystafell y noson honno fyddai'n gwneud 'muse' ar gyfer fersiwn gyfredol o The Blessed Damozel gan Dante Gabriel Rossetti, Gweni oedd honno.
37) Arranged as a horizontally divided diptych, with the sorrowful mother depicted in heaven, yearning for her infant, and the dead child on earth being taken up by an angel, Hughes's illustration recalls the theme of love beyond the grave presented in Dante Gabriel Rossetti's painting The Blessed Damozel, begun in the same year.
The paintings have been lent to the venue in exchange for its loan of The Blessed Damozel by Rossetti to the Muse de l'Orangerie.
His work La Damoiselle elue is a cantata based on the poem The Blessed Damozel by Dante Gabrielle Rossetti.
The novel is saturated with artists's names and references to their works and movements: among others, Etruscan pottery, the Gothic, the Florentine quattrocento, the Mona Lisa, the baroque, Inigo Jones, Piranesi, Hogarth, Ingres, Soane, Delacroix, the Barbizon school, Landseer, Ruskin, Morris, Arundel prints, Millais, Holman Hunt and his The Awakening Conscience, Rossetti and his The Blessed Damozel, the arts-and-crafts movement, art nouveau, 'greenery-yallery' aestheticism, Toulouse-Lautrec, Gauguin, Cezanne, Brancusi, Francis Picabia, futurism, and chinoiserie.
Alicia Faxon has shown how he adapted the design of clasped lovers for his Blessed Damozel of 1875-78 (Fogg Museum, Harvard) from the embracing figures at the bottom of the Botticelli.
this Damozel infatuation I am stupid with disgust at everything and Catholic
The hit-packed MCA soundtrack features a remarkable mix of contemporary R&B/hip-hop artists and songs, such as Jodeci, "Stay"; Avant, "Ooh Ahh"; Chante Moore, "Go Ahead With All That" (Jermaine Dupri Remix); Chico & Coolwadda, "Godzilla Like"; KeKe Wyatt, "If Only You Knew"; Damozel, "Everyday's A Party"; Rahsaan Patterson, "So Hot"; Yasmeen, "Poppin' Up"; Pam & Dodi, "Don't Have To"; The Roots, "The Next Movement" and Jersey Avenue among many others.
Noon also figures as the time when extraordinary perceptions and apprehensions occur in "Silent Noon" (1871) and in a later addition to "The Blessed Damozel.