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a fungal disease of seedlings that causes rotting of the stem at soil level and collapse of the plant.
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ultimum, which causes damping-off diseases that decay the seed or seedlings of vegetable, horticultural, and cucurbit crops.
After pricking out, water the seedlings with a Cheshunt compound to help prevent damping-off disease.
It's a fungicide used to halt damping-off disease, a fungal infection that makes seedlings collapse.
For successful seed starting indoors, there are a few cautions that should be observed if we are to avoid the destructive fungus disease damping-off.
SOLUTION: This is probably damping-off disease and the bad news is, once it has got a hold, there's not much you can do.
which are soilborne pathogens that cause seed and seedling damping-off.
Fumigate or heat-sterilize the soil to prevent the growth of damping-off fungi during early seedling growth.
Open doors and vents whenever possible so air can circulate and reduce the risk of damping-off disease killing developing plants.
The bacteria are members of the genus Pseudomonas and include 11 strains that stymie the growth of Pythium and Rhizoctonia fungi, which are responsible for damping-off and root-rot diseases of wheat and barley.