dance school

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ThesaurusAntonymsRelated WordsSynonymsLegend: school - a school where students are taught to dancedance school - a school where students are taught to dance
school - an educational institution; "the school was founded in 1900"
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Vogue Dance School in Bootle, Zodiac Roadshow in Walton and Supernovas of Prenton entered with 200 other schools.
A RECORD number of students from a Coventry dance school have won scholarships to top stage schools.
WE would like to take this opportunity to thank the Sharon Collins Dance School and the Liverpool Empire for making our daughter's dream of dancing on the big stage come true.
STAR performers from a Coventry dance school are preparing to put on a dazzling display in the city on Saturday.
Des Moines, Iowa, handles health insurance; dance school liability coverage is through Zurich Insurance Company with risk management advice provided by Laura Emert of Whitmore Group, Garden City, NY.
But he went to a dance school so, of course, he can pick up a routine 10 times faster than someone with no training.
A NUNEATON dance school is celebrating the anniversary of its first successful year in business.
Sam Dennis, the teenager who features on Dance Mums UK, gave youngsters from Ingleby Dance School a treat when she gave two workshops - one for children aged eight to 11, and one for over 12s.
A BIRMINGHAM dance school has PS1,000 to put towards decorating their new dance hall after a big fund-raising family fun day was recently held at the Hunters Moon in Hodge Hill.
Let's take a look at what dance schools are available in the local area: Huddersfield School of Dance: |our long established dance school is a great environment in which to gain a good solid grounding in many styles of dance whilst having fun and making lifelong friends.