Energetic dancing done for the purpose of aerobic exercise.

[Blend of dance and exercise.]


(Non-sporting Hobbies) trademark an exercise system that uses dancing to improve fitness


(ˈdæn sərˌsaɪz, ˈdɑn-)
vigorous dancing done as an exercise for physical fitness.
[1980–85; dance + (exer)cise]
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5 Norton library hosts a family dancercise class with Nouveau Dance on Monday.
The high-octane Bollywood dancercise programme, pictured right, is being launched at The Greens of Montgomerie Golf Club today from 9am-10am.
9, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- Dancercise Kids, a provider of educational fitness and dance activities for young children, today announced that its founder, Tessa Pfeifer, has won the 2012 Seal of Approval from The National Parenting Center for her new CD "School Bus Friends.
Dance for fitness s HEALTH spa Ragdale Hall in Leicestershire is holding a Strictly Come Dancercise break.
HOLLYOAKS: Carmel prepares to host the sponsored dancercise but has a crisis of confidence and turns to Father Francis for comfort.
We were due to go at the start of a Strictly Come Dancercise Break - a special package where guests could try a range of dances from 80s fame to ballet and zumba, ballroom to, er, belly-dancing.
ses of of tter to ble NTDF Health and Wellbe Club seeks to encoura members to invest in their o health and wellbeing providing a range opportunities across Monday Friday which include gro sessions of gentle exerci relaxation, dancercise and o to-one sessions complementary therapies.
Avoid looking like you're about to run a marathon or do a dancercise class by getting your top in cotton (no spandex
Shake It Up with Hip Motion - Dancercise class using Middle Eastern dance
The school covers a wide range of dances and styles including ballroom dancing, waltz, tango, fox-trot, quickstep, Latin American dancing, cha cha, samba, rumba, paso doble, jive, salsa, street jazz, social dancing, and the all new Dancercise to keep you fit
Kripalu DansKinetics was developed in the mid-1970s by Ken Scott, a Canadian dancer and Dancercise trainer, who spent time at the then Kripalu Yoga Ashram in Pennsylvania.