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 (dān′gĕld′) also Dane·gelt (-gĕlt′)
A tax levied in England from the 10th to the 12th century to finance protection against Danish invasion.

[Middle English : Dane, genitive pl. of Dan, Dane; see Dane + geld, tribute (from Old English geld, gield, payment).]


(ˈdeɪnˌɡɛld) or


(Historical Terms) the tax first levied in the late 9th century in Anglo-Saxon England to provide protection money for or to finance forces to oppose Viking invaders
[C11: from Dan Dane + geld tribute; see yield]



also Dane•gelt


(sometimes l.c.) (in medieval England) a land tax believed to have been levied orig. as a tribute to the Danish invaders.
[before 1150; Middle English denegeld, danegeld, Old English (Domesday Book) Danegeld. See Dane, geld2]


A tax levied on the Anglo-Saxon population of England to buy off Danish invaders.
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Think of it as Danegeld or better still, MacDanegeld
But if he was prepared to pay o the invaders with Danegeld, his people were not so feeble, as was shown by the men of Essex.
Earlier generations of British and American schoolchildren familiar with this bloody epoch of English history, as well as Kipling's poetry, would not have failed to see the Danegeld lesson in the recent bailouts of the Wall Street pirates.
THE latest idea to pay Taliban leaders to lay down their weapons reminds me of an old Celtic proverb: "Those who pay Danegeld shall be never free of the Dane for he shall return year upon year to demand it again".
It has been pointed out by Norwegian scholars that, in the time of the great danegeld payments, the two Norwegian kings, Olafr Tryggvason and Olafr Haraldsson, came from England and used the money acquired there to form friendship-alliances with the local magnates, thus "buying" themselves the kingdom of Norway
We're also being taken for idiots because people like the politically correct saddos who run the Met are handing over OUR money with all the alacrity of Ethelred The Unready paying Danegeld rather than fighting this nonsense.
Tony Martin won the Duke of Gloucester Memorial Hunters' Chase for the second year running when Ships Decanter, ridden by his friend John Nicholl, beat Danegeld by 13 lengths.
Sinclair, who clearly loves money, takes us from Danegeld to the nickel and brass lump we use today, via all the glory years when the British quid dominated the world.
We were made to bail out the 2010 Faenol festival (more danegeld for Plaid?
In some years half the money minted at the English mints (mostly silver pennies) went in Danegeld.
Walk that path and we'll be asking the Danes to repay the danegeld they got from Ethelred the Unready, compensation from the Romans for our hurt feelings in 55BC and handouts to the Irish families whose ancestors died in the Great Famine in the 1850s - come to think of it, though, Blair has already expressed his greasy sorrow over this.