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v. dan·gled, dan·gling, dan·gles
To hang loosely and swing or sway to and fro: Earrings dangled from her ears.
1. To cause to hang loosely or swing: dangled my feet in the water.
2. To offer as an inducement or an enticement: dangled the prospect of a promotion in exchange for his testimony.

[Perhaps from Danish dangle or Swedish dangla.]

dan′gler n.
dan′gly adj.
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An' when she ain't doin' nothin' else, she's movin' them little glass danglers 'round ter diff'rent winders in the room so the sun'll make the 'rainbows dance,' as that blessed child calls it.
let her wear her little danglers if she likes, and don't bargain about doing what you know is right," cried Archie, coming out of his grove of newspapers with an indignant bounce.
Why," said Danglers, "in the letter -- I believe I have it about me" -- here he felt in his breast-pocket -- "yes, here it is.
The star dangler earrings are a close second and my new tie necklace is catching them up.
Tenders are invited for Agencies For Developing Promotional Material & Centre DCor Kit For Its Alc (Authorised Learning Centre) Launching And Renewal Programme Dangler, Poster, Career Counselling Booklet, Banner, Certificate (Participation), Books For 10Th , +2 And +3 Eligibility Criteria : The Bidder should have all necessary & applicable registrations under Companies Act, Income Tax Act, GST, Employee Provident Fund Rules, ESI and proof of operating for at least five years.
TOPS delivers the El Chete with a black Kydex sheath with spring clip or dangler belt carry options.
Weather experts also announced a Pembrokeshire Dangler over the weekend.
Alastair Cook Johnson then accounted for Jos Buttler - another dismal dangler - and Moeen Ali with a bouncer.
I am proud to report that the International Association of Chiefs of Police recently bestowed the prestigious Cameron Award for Excellence in Environmental Crimes Enforcement and Education to four environmental conservation officers from DEC's Watertown office: Lieutenant David Clarke, Fran D'Angelo, Mike Dangler and Mark Malone, for their investigative work on two cases involving asbestos dumping and Clean Air Act violations.
On August 26, Daniel Dangler and Donald Miller were working as painters in Philadelphia's Kensington section when they noticed black smoke pouring out of a house down the street.
For those of us who are curious about the software program Late Night Writer, Doug Dangler, Seth Reno, and Shawn Casey discuss the merits of this program.
From this perspective Jean Dangler has attempted to enlighten the reader to a further understanding of medieval Iberia's "Golden Age" of toleration and how that era evolved into one of intolerance.