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n. pl. da·ni·os
Any of various small, often brightly colored freshwater fishes of the genera Danio and Devario, native to South and Southeast Asia and popular as aquarium fish.

[New Latin Daniō, genus name, from Bengali dhānī, danio, any of various small cyprinid fish, from dhānī, of the rice field, of unhusked rice, very small, from dhān, growing rice, unhusked rice, from Middle Indic dhaṇṇa, from Sanskrit dhānya-, of or from grain, from dhānāḥ, grain; akin to Lithuanian duona, bread, and Tocharian B tāno, seed, grain.]


n, pl -os
(Animals) any brightly coloured tropical freshwater cyprinid fish of the genus Danio and related genera: popular aquarium fishes
[C19: from New Latin, of obscure origin]


(ˈdeɪ niˌoʊ)

n., pl. -i•os.
any tropical Asiatic minnow of the genera Danio or Brachydanio.
[1880–85; < New Latin]
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Pa wlad achosodd gynnwrf trwy danio taflegrau i For Siapan?
Yvonne Danio, the prestigious customer, and an attendee of the event stated, "Slate & Tell has always offered me beautiful and value for the money piece that complements my every couture collections.
15 Ymunwch a Dylan Ebenezer, cyn golwr Cymru Dai Davies a'r cyn chwaraewr ganol cae rhyngwladol Owain Tudur Jones, yn Stadiwm Dinas Caerdydd ar gyfer gem allai danio neu ddiffodd breuddwyd Chris Coleman o gyrraedd rowndiau terfynol Cwpan y Byd yn Rwsia y flwyddyn nesaf.
The police had been looking for Revelle who sourced his supply from Danio Ruiz after Sabalones quit the drug trade.
In a study of Schwark [35] performed on Danio rerio, the sperm was exposed to UV implementation from 27.
Tebuconazole enantio selectivity was evaluated in three aquatic species (Scenedesmus obliquus, Daphnia magna, and Danio rerio) and R-(-)-tebuconazole was about 1.
El periodo de clivaje abarca las primeras seis divisiones incluyendo la blastulacion, donde el blastodisco -inicialmente deforme- inicia su organizacion y la evolucion de sus bordes sobre la vesicula vitelina (31), donde se diferencian dos polos, por lo que se reconoce que los huevos son del tipo telolecitico, similares a los reportados para Pseudoplatystoma fasciatum (27), Danio rerio y Fundulus heteroclitus entre otros, ya que acumulan vitelo en el polo vegetal y presentan una division parcial o meroblastica durante los primeros estadios del desarrollo (28).
Tenders are invited for Construction of Three Phase Commissioning for Drinking water bore wells and therefore the location of GP Bhomiyaji Danio of Osian near the jumbo Rajput Balo
The 24 h LC25, LC50, and LC75 values for C-9500A exposure for 3 (hours post fertilization) embryos of the teleost model Danio rerio (Hamilton, 1822) exposed to C-9500A at the standard husbandry temperature of 28.
DarT: The embryo test with the Zebrafish Danio rerio--a general model in ecotoxicology and toxicology.
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