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n. pl. dan·seuses (-sœz′)
A woman who is a ballet dancer.

[French, feminine of danseur, danseur; see danseur.]


(Ballet) a female ballet dancer


(Fr. dɑ̃ˈsœz)

n., pl. -seuses (Fr. -ˈsœz)
a female ballet dancer.
[1835–45; < French; feminine of danseur; see -euse]
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Noun1.danseuse - a female ballet dancerdanseuse - a female ballet dancer    
ballet dancer - a trained dancer who is a member of a ballet company
prima ballerina - a leading female ballet dancer
References in classic literature ?
Is she some little danseuse with the whim to be romantically rustic for a week?
Some time after our rupture, you wished to study music, under the celebrated baritone who made such a successful appearance at the Theatre Italien; at the same time I felt inclined to learn dancing of the danseuse who acquired such a reputation in London.
It appears that she was formerly a danseuse at the Allegro, and that she has known the bridegroom for some years.
He leaned back and critically regarded the person of a girl with a straw-colored wig who upon the stage was flinging her heels in somewhat awkward imitation of a well-known danseuse.
Men who could all say such witty things in their cups or in company with a danseuse, how could they help being friends?
Un homme passe distribuant [beaucoup moins que]La publicite[beaucoup plus grand que] : Diner Spectacle avec Le chanteur tel et la danseuse telle au Cabaret.
Referring to Samson's claim that the board could not even convene meetings for want of funds , the minister put the onus of the alleged inactivity solely on the danseuse.
By training, I am just a 'kathakar' of Krishna-leela (tales of Krishna)," the danseuse used to say.
Among the artists featured will be Kathak danseuse Astha Dixit, who will be performing the mesmerising Kathak art form with her dance troupe.
Premila has also designed the costumes and jewellery for the Danseuse Premila Ramesh, who is also the director of Nrityanjali, and her senior stuA[degrees]dents will be performing in this event.
Vani Ganapathy, one of the top Bharata Natyam Danseuse of India also graced the occasion.