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dap 1

intr.v. dapped, dap·ping, daps
1. To fish by letting a baited hook fall gently onto the water.
2. To dip lightly or quickly into water, as a bird does.
3. To skip or bounce, especially over the surface of water.

[Probably alteration of dab.]

dap 2

1. An elaborate gesture of greeting developed by African American soldiers during the Vietnam War, usually consisting of a handshake and other maneuvers such as hand slaps and a fist bump.
2. A fist bump.
tr.v. dapped, dap·ping, daps
To greet by means of a dap.

[African American Vernacular English, of unknown origin.]


vb (intr) , daps, dapping or dapped
1. (Angling) angling to fish with a natural or artificial fly on a floss silk line so that the wind makes the fly bob on and off the surface of the water
2. (as of a bird) to dip lightly into water
3. to bounce or cause to bounce
[C17: of imitative origin]


(Clothing & Fashion) dialect Southwest English another word for plimsoll
[C20: probably special use of dap1 (in the sense: to bounce, skip)]


abbreviation for
(Computer Science) distributed array processor


Past participle: dapped
Gerund: dapping

I dap
you dap
he/she/it daps
we dap
you dap
they dap
I dapped
you dapped
he/she/it dapped
we dapped
you dapped
they dapped
Present Continuous
I am dapping
you are dapping
he/she/it is dapping
we are dapping
you are dapping
they are dapping
Present Perfect
I have dapped
you have dapped
he/she/it has dapped
we have dapped
you have dapped
they have dapped
Past Continuous
I was dapping
you were dapping
he/she/it was dapping
we were dapping
you were dapping
they were dapping
Past Perfect
I had dapped
you had dapped
he/she/it had dapped
we had dapped
you had dapped
they had dapped
I will dap
you will dap
he/she/it will dap
we will dap
you will dap
they will dap
Future Perfect
I will have dapped
you will have dapped
he/she/it will have dapped
we will have dapped
you will have dapped
they will have dapped
Future Continuous
I will be dapping
you will be dapping
he/she/it will be dapping
we will be dapping
you will be dapping
they will be dapping
Present Perfect Continuous
I have been dapping
you have been dapping
he/she/it has been dapping
we have been dapping
you have been dapping
they have been dapping
Future Perfect Continuous
I will have been dapping
you will have been dapping
he/she/it will have been dapping
we will have been dapping
you will have been dapping
they will have been dapping
Past Perfect Continuous
I had been dapping
you had been dapping
he/she/it had been dapping
we had been dapping
you had been dapping
they had been dapping
I would dap
you would dap
he/she/it would dap
we would dap
you would dap
they would dap
Past Conditional
I would have dapped
you would have dapped
he/she/it would have dapped
we would have dapped
you would have dapped
they would have dapped
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To strike a surface at such an angle as to be deflected:
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