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dap 1

intr.v. dapped, dap·ping, daps
1. To fish by letting a baited hook fall gently onto the water.
2. To dip lightly or quickly into water, as a bird does.
3. To skip or bounce, especially over the surface of water.

[Probably alteration of dab.]

dap 2

1. An elaborate gesture of greeting developed by African American soldiers during the Vietnam War, usually consisting of a handshake and other maneuvers such as hand slaps and a fist bump.
2. A fist bump.
tr.v. dapped, dap·ping, daps
To greet by means of a dap.

[African American Vernacular English, of unknown origin.]


pl n
(Clothing & Fashion) dialect Southwest English a pair of plimsolls
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I was once given intelligence which explained why a dap is called a dap.
Well, the old DAP was designed for use on tanks that have not been equipped with the driver's hatch interlock (DHI).
We exist lot the convenience of our customers" said Steve Sherman, DAPS director, in describing the organization's way of doing business.
Because the toxicokinetics of administered TCPy or the DAPs metabolites have not been studied in similar detail as chlorpyrifos, we do not know their toxicokinetics, particularly if their elimination products are TCPy or DAPs or some other chemicals.
The rationale of CPF is to migrate workloads from the central server to the DAPS running in client networks.
Require regular internal audits of DAPs to ensure that they are operating consistently with these Best Practices and their nonprofit status
Casida (1961) and references therein] support our observation that urinary DAPs at low levels represent both human OP metabolites and preformed plant OP degradation products.
DAPS also protects companies from the financial burden of business interruptions and the loss of corporate data.
Thus, the extent to which urinary DAPs are by-products of plant metabolism remains unclear.
maker of Data Acquisition Processor boards, today announced a new Linux driver for PCI DAP boards to complement its existing Linux driver for ISA DAP boards.
GMO's DAPs offer CD-quality compressed audio faster than comparable web formats and allow for a two-stage graphic display, utilizing dynamic text that is live and updateable.
maker of Data Acquisition Processor boards, today announced a new PCI DAP board optimized for high-speed simultaneous sampling.