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(ˈdɛər ənt)
contraction of dare not.
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I prepared for the worst," Ambrose told Evans-before Paige was born at Dartford's Darent Valley Hospital in Kent, England.
The Kent car parks involved include Darent Valley Hospital.
2) Darent Valley Hospital, DarenthWood Road, Dartford, Kent DA2 8DA, UK
SKS Darent, with a 100,000 ton haul of diesel was initially scheduled to head to Europe but is now en route to Singapore from Jamnagar, the loading point for product from Reliance's refining complex, according to traders.
Una de las cronicas latinas mas enigmaticas e interesantes del Medievo hispano, la leonesa Historia Silense (c 1120-1150), da comienzo con una plastica exaltacion en clave sapiencial de la tradicion cultural neogoticista: Cum olim Yspania omni liberali doctrina ubertim floreret, ac in ea studio literarum fontem Sapientie sitientespassim operam darent (1).
21 July 2014 - UK gas-to-power producer Alkane Energy Plc (LON:ALK) said today it had closed its acquisition of three power response companies, Darent Power Limited, Leven Power Limited and Rhymney Power Limited, from Carron Energy Limited and Dragon Generation Limited, together Carron Energy, for a total of GBP11.
Target: Rhymney Power Limited, Leven Power Limited, Darent Power Limited
Many of you correctly told us the date for the big event at Cardiff's Millennium Stadium is Saturday, July 12 and our winners, who all receive a pair of GP tickets, are: Ian Vaughan of Beverley Road, Middlesbrough; Lynn Young of Darent Road, Haydock; David Howells of Maltraeth Sands, Acklam; Mr A Ellington of Oxbridge Lane, Stockton and Garry Christon of Baldoon Sands, Acklam.
A post-mortem examination carried out by Dr Peter Jerreat at Darent Valley Hospital in Dartford was inconclusive.
A post-mortem examination carried out at Darent Valley Hospital in Dartford proved inconclusive, prompting further investigations.
The body of the 25-year-old has been transferred to Darent Valley Hospital, Dartford, where the examination will take place, Kent County Council said.