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1. A small cooking mold.
2. A dish, as of vegetables, fish, custard, or pastry, that is cooked and served in a small mold.

[Middle English dariol, from Old French dariole, a small, filled pastry, alteration of dialectal doriole, from dorer, to gild; see dory2.]


1. (Cookery) Also called: dariole mould a small cup-shaped mould used for making individual sweet or savoury dishes
2. (Cookery) a dish prepared in such a mould
[C14: from Old French]
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47) FC 191, `Daryols', illustrating the treacherous nature of recipe tides in England: darioles were common in English cookery for centuries, although sometimes called by other names (such as `Maids of Honour' in colonial Williamsburg).