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or darnd·est  (därn′dĭst)
The most possible: I did my darnedest to finish on time.


(ˈdɑːndɪst) or


a euphemistic word for damnedest
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Bodacious Jezebel tries her darnedest to be sweet and accommodating, but her true nature never fails to reveal its ugly self.
And Im going to do my darnedest to get Hue players.
How kids learn to say the darnedest things: The effect of multiple exemplar instruction on the emergence of novel verb usage.
based grocer's sprawling stores, which try their darnedest to be various things to as many shoppers as possible: grocery store, convenience store, liquor store, pharmacy, eat-in restaurant, corner bar, takeout joint and, last but certainly not least, a place for the community to gather and feel at home.
Benson, "Students ask the darnedest things: a result in elementary group theory," Mathematics Magazine, vol.
The strongest reaction I've gotten is from my mothershe is doing her darnedest to cope and to deal.
In every issue of SUCCESS, we do our darnedest to include compelling content beginning to end.
The darnedest thing is, nobody wants to move away from this area.
But I did my darnedest to soak in as much of its magic as I could, both at sea level and below.
Undeniably odd-looking (Edgerton plays the part with pasty, reddish-brown hair, an unflattering goatee and '80s-style hoop earring in his left ear) and socially maladroit--back in high school, they called him "Gordo the weirdo"--Gordon proffers a series of increasingly extravagant housewarming gifts, effectively invites himself over for dinner and otherwise keeps popping up at the darnedest of times.
How kids learn to say the darnedest things; The effects of multiple exemplar instruction on novel verb usage.