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1. One that dashes, especially the plunger of an ice-cream freezer.
2. Sports The ledge along the top of the boards of an ice rink.


1. someone or something that dashes
2. (Hockey (Field & Ice)) Canadian the ledge along the top of the boards of an ice hockey rink
3. (Mechanical Engineering) the plunger in a churn, often with paddles attached


(ˈdæʃ ər)

1. a person or thing that dashes.
2. a plunger with paddles at one end, as for churning butter or ice cream.
3. a person of dashing appearance or manner.
References in classic literature ?
shouted the Pharisee, who belonged to the sect called The Dashers (that little knot of saints whose manner of dashing and lacerating the feet against the pavement was long a thorn and a reproach to less zealous devotees-a stumbling-block to less gifted perambulators)--"by the five corners of that beard which, as a priest, I am forbidden to shave
That means he's required to notify the authorities if Dasher, Dancer, Prancer, Vixen, Rudolph and the rest develop foot and mouth or bluetongue.
Registration is open from 9am at the pier (dash starts at 11am prompt) and every dasher gets a Santa suit and medal for entering.
The stranger gestured for Dasher to follow him inside a bubblegum-coated mini truck while his family was preoccupied with something else.
As the population ages and so do pension plans pension, there is obviously a sector need for fixed income, according to Karl Dasher, CEO and co-head of fixed income in North America at Schroders.
Ministry spokesman Brigadier Saad Maan said four policemen were injured Abu Dasher entrance south of the capital.
Alove of the outdoors and little cosy spaces is what made Sheila Macleod fall in love with Dasher Cottage.
The toothy chihuahua dachshund crossbreed was abandoned near San Diego and was adopted at a farmer's market in Los Angeles by Courtney Dasher who created an Instagram page for him which now has 1.
Notes: For questions about general specifications for this vehicle you may call the Bear River Town Hall at 307-789-2800 or email your questions to Dave Dasher at ddasher@nglconnection.
Ahmed Obaid bin Dasher hailed role played by Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques for Relief and Humanitarian Works and great endeavors exerted by the Coordination and Relief Aid for the Yemeni people, Head by King Salman Center.
The real-life versions of Dasher, Dancer and Rudolph are called Pancake, Ella and Olaf and the reindeers will be a star attraction during the first Great North Festive Fayre.
JACKSONVILLE ATTORNEY LISA DASHER spoke about the Informed Voter Project at the Democratic Women's Club of Florida Annual Conference held at World Golf Village Renaissance Resort.