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 (də-shē′kē) also dai·shi·ki (dī-)
n. pl. da·shi·kis
A loose, brightly colored, patterned tunic worn especially in West Africa.

[Yoruba dàńṣíkí, from Hausa dán cíkí.]


(dɑːˈʃiːkɪ) ,




(Clothing & Fashion) a large loose-fitting buttonless upper garment worn esp by Black people in the US, Africa, and the Caribbean
[C20: of W African origin]


(dəˈʃi ki, dɑ-)

also daishiki

n., pl. -kis.
a loose, often colorfully patterned pullover garment of African origin.
[1965–1970; < Yoruba dàńṣíkí < Hausa dán cíkí (with imploded d)]


A large, loose garment for the upper body, originally from Africa.
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Noun1.dashiki - a loose and brightly colored African shirt
shirt - a garment worn on the upper half of the body
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He trained as a director and started the Dashiki Project Theatre, which did a lot of contemporary theater that was adapted to be black theater.
The speaker is content to observe this curious sight, relying on the reader's knowledge of the city to fill in the affect that would issue from seeing the kid, on the West Side, "in a red dashiki.
Current bestseller: Browsing through the website, Asikere Afana with the Zhana Dashiki Dress and Rahyma's Rose Dashiki Dress come up as the most popular items.
Ellison see this figure as "an American joker": his hodgepodge style of cultural dress (he sports an Afro and dashiki while wearing riding boots and "breeches of English tailoring") and display of ostentatious luxury "played irreverently upon the symbolism of status, property and authority, and suggested new possibilities of perfection" (2003, 509-11).
This trend was particularly apparent in the style of several Lords, including Yoruba Guzman, who wore a Malcolm X look, Afro, as well as an occasional dashiki.
sushi bar, bistro, dashiki, salwar kameez, kimono, okra and cassava, dreamcatcher, mosque and temple.
who turned the magic fire hose on his dashiki and turned it into one of them irish spring soap commercial prep school sweaters .
I'm telling them you are here," he says, dressed in a long red dashiki and matching trousers.
Many are locals in casual attire, but I also see a group of women wearing niqab, and earlier this month as I walked through the downtown to my infectious diseases clinic I saw a pale blue burqa, a group of men in Saudi thobes, and a West African dashiki.
They're filming a sketch in which Howery mistakes his character not as the black-clad Power Ranger but as a Black Power ranger who disrupts production of the "Power Rangers'' TV show by thrusting his fist in the air and strutting around in a dashiki.
Coupled with NUFF, both student-led movements re-engendered the consciousness of university and high school students, respectively, and the afro and dashiki with their related calls of "Back to Africa" and "Black is beautiful" bombarded the streets.