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Don't wear indigenous headdresses or West African dashikis if they don't belong to you.
In a state with a long history of white supremacism (in 1925, nearly one-third of all adult white males there belonged to the Ku Klux Klan, and the governor was a sympathizer), the shop celebrated African and African American culture by selling dashikis and Malcolm X speeches.
POC, 2016--a stock image library of people of color, by people of color--took the form of a digital collage featuring search boxes with phrases such as bedouin babe waiting for the moon #eid next to images of men and women in hijabs, pink wigs, dashikis, and hoop earrings.
Javier Bardem plays a flashily-dressed entrepreneur, with spiky hair and colorful dashikis that seem of a piece with his swashbuckling demeanor.
He dressed in the outfits of the black revolutionaries--army fatigues, dashikis and Black Panther regalia.
wore dashikis and gave power handshakes to the male Lords" (Nelson 2000: 162).
With our Afros, dashikis, bell-bottoms, and platform shoes, the Class of '71 exhibited a bit more style than today's students.
People all over the world were learning to eat jollof, injera and yassa, listening to Manu Dibango and Osibisa, reading Achebe and Armah, wearing dashikis, and spicing up their speech with a word or two of Kiswahili.
In South Africa we got a couple of dashikis, those African tops.
Current runway incarnations are far less literal and certainly more sophisticated than the fringed shawls, Hopi coats, dashikis and Mexican wedding dresses that were staples of the hippie wardrobe or, for that matter, a student gap year.
Osa was a playwright, actor, story-teller and dancer who was a familiar and popular figure about town, always attracting attention whether he wore traditional robes, colourful dashikis (tunics), his trademark cap or a suit with bow tie.
Walking into a room and seeing rows of black men and women with big Afros, dressed in dashikis and bubbas, sitting on the floor, listening to drummers, feasting on traditional soul food dishes like chicken and potato salad (though there was a heavy emphasis on fruits and natural items), vibing to the poets from Spirit House, and inspired by the intellect of Baraka was certainly not part of the usual holiday tradition in Newark.