data hierarchy

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ThesaurusAntonymsRelated WordsSynonymsLegend: hierarchy - an arrangement of data consisting of sets and subsets such that every subset of a set is of lower rank than the set
hierarchy - a series of ordered groupings of people or things within a system; "put honesty first in her hierarchy of values"
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We believe Seagates 300N appliance will help our HPC customers solve their most data intensive workloads and data hierarchy issues in a comprehensive, yet more efficient way.
Tax teams occupy a unique space within a company's data hierarchy.
TigerText capabilities include message recall, set message lifespans, group messaging, file and media attachments, as well as a multi-directory data hierarchy in which employees can easily add colleagues to their private network, or securely communicate with personal contacts outside their company.
This resource has been under development for almost a year and GMDC in collaboration with Nielsen will be launching this new data hierarchy and corresponding web platform in early 2013.
The first step, involving coding and classifying nearly 30 million scanned items captured by Nielsen, was to establish for the first time a data hierarchy for GM, identifying 18 mega-categories composed in turn of lower-level categories.
The foundation of our proposed system is a local database that is used to store the patients' privacy data as well as a data hierarchy applied by most hospitals and healthcare centers in order to facilitate data management.
A gray indicator means that that the performance data have not yet been entered in SMS, and an "infantry blue" color indicates that classified data exist somewhere in the SMS data hierarchy.
0- a browser-like viewer that displays the categorized output of SemioTagger in an intuitive, graphical view of the data hierarchy and structure.

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