data highway

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data highway

1. A network of computer networks, other devices, and switching systems used for the transfer of digitized information.
2. The integrated circuitry of a microchip.

in′forma′tion su′perhighway

a large-scale communications network providing a variety of often interactive services, such as text databases, electronic mail, and audio and video materials, accessed through computers, television sets, etc.
Also called data highway.
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Infrastructure from the point of view of Optimal+, is the global data highway that connects the semiconductor industry-supply chain--fabless companies, foundries, and OSATs, for example.
With this national fibre backbone completion, Ooredoo is providing a robust, cost-effective data highway, which connects all regions of Oman to allow customers and businesses to stay connected to each other and to the internet.
This next-generation platform will fuel applications, devices and people with the right data at the right time--forming a virtual data highway to intelligently connect people, places and things.
Our innovative Luxembourg engineered antenna systems fulfil these requirements to support faster and more reliable data transmission, and our company is proud to be awarded this procurement contract in the built up phase of a European space data highway," stated Yves Elsen, Managing Partner and CEO of HITEC Luxembourg.
Estas interfaces de operador electronico cuentan con capacidades graficas de pixeles y funcionalidad de alto rendimiento en color y escala de grises, ademas por las opciones de comunicacion flexibles que tiene con EtherNet/IP, ControlNet, DeviceNet, Data Highway Plus, E/s remota, DH-485 o comunicacion de DF1, estas terminales son ideales para plataformas de control asi como la comunicacion de nivel de dispositivo abierto.
Created in 2000, GEANT is a pan-European data highway that connects national research and education networks (NRENs) across Europe.
The local computer communicates the data to central computer through data highway.
57, according to data Highway Department Superintendent John F.
Presses are available with precision intermediate platens to produce double daylight models, advanced electro-optical instrumentation to measure corner positions of all platens, and control from data highway recipe product pressing requirements.
All media--images, sound, radio, telephone calls--are moving to the cheap data highway that is the Internet.
When body shop operators need more parts, a signal is sent automatically over the plant's data highway to the AGV host computer, which then sends a signal to the AS/RS for more parts.

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