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A notebook or calendar for listing appointments, events, and other work-related or social information.


US a notebook in which a person keeps a personal record of daily events, appointments, etc



a notebook for listing appointments, making entries of events, etc., usu. for the period of a year.
nhật ký


يَوْمِيَّات diář dagbog Terminkalender ημερολόγιο diario päiväkirja agenda dnevnik diario 日記 일기 dagboek dagbok pamiętnik diário дневник dagbok สมุดบันทึกประจำวัน ajanda nhật ký 日志
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Business Datebook runs every Sunday in The Register-Guard.
Mother Tongue Ink rolled out its thirty-first We'Moon datebook at the recent NWSA conference.
Along with the beautiful images of the Americas, the datebook also included many interesting facts about the countries covered in your magazine.
Christianity will go", Lennon said in the September 1966 edition of Datebook magazine, which he autographed above his photo.
The worst is the Find command, which is weak compared to Now Software's DateBook, Touchbase, Up-To- Date and Contact products.
Additional features of the i85s handset include voice recognition that lets customers make calls using voice prompts, a datebook with alarms that can be set as reminders, and VoiceNotes to record personal memos or incoming calls for playback later.
Intellisync offers robust Lotus Notes support, bringing its complete range of advanced address, datebook, to-do, and journal synchronization capabilities, like full conflict resolution and filtering, to users of Lotus Notes 4.
com>, the leading professional site for movie reviews, has been contracted to provide content for The Seattle Times newspaper and the Datebook portion of The Seattle Times web site <http://www.
com -0- Now Up-to-Date, Now Up-to-Date & Contact, Now Up-to-Date Web Publisher, Now Synchronize, Now Utilities and Now TouchBase & DateBook Pro are trademarks of Now Software Inc.
Visitors can add appointments and scheduled activities to their personal datebook which can be modified throughout the week to create an online social planner or hard copy printout.
The "Datebook" can be tapped to generate meetings -- and if the user is invited to a meeting by someone else using Magic Cap, they can accept or decline, and the datebook will automatically update their schedule.