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 (dônt, dänt)
tr.v. daunt·ed, daunt·ing, daunts
To lessen the courage or resolution of; dishearten or intimidate: "Dogged by sickness, daunted by the continuing economic downturn, he continued to fall behind" (Brooks D. Simpson).

[Middle English daunten, from Old French danter, from Latin domitāre, frequentative of domāre, to tame; see demə- in Indo-European roots.]

daunt′er n.
daunt′ing·ly adv.
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Adv.1.dauntingly - to a degree or in a manner that daunts; "dauntingly difficult"


[ˈdɔːntɪŋli] adv
dauntingly long → d'une longueur intimidante
dauntingly articulate
She is dauntingly articulate → Elle s'exprime avec une aisance intimidante.
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In Tokyo, where commutes are significantly longer and more mind-numbing, and the tunnels themselves sometimes dauntingly far below the streets, the colorful moving adverts might provide some relief from the boredom and cheek-by-jowl crowds.
Governments that grant their citizens a large measure of freedom to engage in international commerce," Griswold relates, "find it dauntingly difficult to simultaneously deny them political and civil liberties.
His book is dauntingly long and laden with tables; it is not for the weak of heart.
In fact, after worrying that the chateau would be dauntingly formal, the cosy atmosphere quickly put us at ease.
In addition, the number of independent retailers seems to diminish year by year and the difficulties of gaining any kind of meaningful distribution in the independent sector remain dauntingly hard work.
Exposition in Ideas Have Consequences and Visions of Order is often dauntingly compact, using mere paragraphs or even sentences where other writers might devote pages.
But then one day you turn around, and they're taller than you are, competent, and dauntingly self-sufficient.
We now know that Nilsen was one of our worst mass-murderers, killing and dismembering a dauntingly large number of young men.
The risk of failure is inseparable from the bid for success, not just because the evidence for his argument is dauntingly circumstantial, or even because we do not know the "correct" way of connecting writer with writings.
She also writes beautifully, even on a topic as dauntingly complex as The New York Trilogy with its doubles and triples, its ontological paradoxes, its generic crossovers ('Kafka gone gumshoe') and plain convoluted plotting.
I found in my studies of parishes in the 1980s and again in the mid-90s that the presence of dialogue is dauntingly dependent on the personality of the pastor.
When faced with an inviting opportunity or a dauntingly complex problem, however, it is frequently hard to resist the temptation to stretch models.