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1. The eldest son of the king of France from 1349 to 1830.
2. Used as a title for such a nobleman.

[Middle English, from Old French, title of the lords of Dauphiné, from Dalphin, Dalfin, a surname, from dalfin, dolphin (from the device on the family's coat of arms); see dolphin.]


(ˈdɔːfɪn; dɔːˈfɪn; French dofɛ̃)
(Historical Terms) (1349–1830) the title of the direct heir to the French throne; the eldest son of the king of France
[C15: from Old French: originally a family name; adopted as a title by the Counts of Vienne and later by the French crown princes]


(ˈdɔ fɪn, doʊˈfɛ̃)

the eldest son of a king of France, used as a title from 1349 to 1830.
[1475–85; < French; Middle French dalphin]
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Noun1.dauphin - formerly, the eldest son of the King of France and direct heir to the throne
prince - a male member of a royal family other than the sovereign (especially the son of a sovereign)


[ˈdɔːfɪn] N (Hist) → delfín m


Dauphin [ˈdɔːfɪn ˈdəʊfɪn] ndauphin m
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Yes, my friend, it is too true -- your eyes is look- in' at this very moment on the pore disappeared Dauphin, Looy the Seventeen, son of Looy the Six- teen and Marry Antonette.
He therefore shaped his course toward that place and dismounted at the Dauphin d'Or.
faubourg = neighborhood ; Rosny = Chateau of Rosny, country estate of the Dukes of Berry at Rosny-sur-Seine; Madame = title of Princess Marie Therese Charlotte, wife of the Dauphin Louis Antoine, heir to Charles X}
I should like to see the young woman, Dauphin," said Mrs.
Among them he enumerated the Man of Brass, constructed by Albertus Magnus, and the Brazen Head of Friar Bacon; and, coming down to later times, the automata of a little coach and horses, which it was pretended had been manufactured for the Dauphin of France; together with an insect that buzzed about the ear like a living fly, and yet was but a contrivance of minute steel springs.
It was barely two days since the last cavalcade of that nature, that of the Flemish ambassadors charged with concluding the marriage between the dauphin and Marguerite of Flanders, had made its entry into Paris, to the great annoyance of M.
who, according to your nonsense, must be his grandson, when Monseigneur le Dauphin is living.
19, 2015 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- The former owner of several Dauphin County businesses was sentenced on November 17, 2015, to five years of probation and ordered to pay $100,174.
Un jeune dauphin sans vie a ete rejete, samedi dernier, par la mer sur la plage de Tichy (15 km a l'est de Bejaia), a-t-on appris, hier, aupres de l'unite locale de la protection et du developpement de la faune et de la flore (UCD) relevant de l'Agence nationale pour la conservation de la nature.
We will miss him, but we are very fortunate to have Brian Dauphin waiting in the wings.
Eurocopter will deliver three AS365 N3 Dauphin helicopters to the Lithuanian Air Force for a transformed countrywide search and rescue service with around-the-clock availability, adding another customer to the list of worldwide operators via this twin-engine rotorcraft for vital life-saving missions.
For the last five years, Andre Dauphin was employed by Merseyside Probation Trust specialising in rehabilitating those convicted of beating their wives and girlfriends.