day care center

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ThesaurusAntonymsRelated WordsSynonymsLegend: care center - a nursery for the supervision of preschool children while the parents workday care center - a nursery for the supervision of preschool children while the parents work
baby's room, nursery - a child's room for a baby
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for use as a day care center, the first and second floor are planned.
I requested my office management several time to set up a day care center to facilitate all women working in the office but so far they didn't take any decision in this regard.
Maria Lourdes Usana, spokesperson of Rizal police, said the victim Arvin Zapanta, 44, Barangay San Gabriel chairman, was standing in front of the village-run day care center when motorcycle-riding gunmen fired shots at him.
He appreciated the efforts made by the management of the Day Care Center.
uk/news/world-us-canada-22048431) BBC , 53 children were attending the Racines De Vie Montessori day care center at the time of the shooting and were not harmed, but some may have witnessed the incident.
The day care center is the first ever in the village.
Mitchell encouraged parents to look and to report their school or day care center if their indoor pest plan is missing.
In 2005 she had to move because she was too close to a day care center.
In all three states, local public health agencies conducted case investigations and met with day care center staff to promote handwashing and observe diapering and food preparation practices.
The complex, which is managed under the auspices of the Department of Housing and Urban Development, is across the street from the Pinecrest private school and near the Sunshine day care center.
The Chapel Hill Day Care Center (Center), which was formed in 1967 as a joint project between the Chapel Hill Service League and the United Church of Christ, operates a nonprofit day care center and preschool facility.
Doctors at the University of Arizona College of Medicine followed nearly 1,000 children attending both small (less than six children) and large (six or more children) day care centers for up to 13 years.