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Any of various plants of the genus Commelina having delicate blue or purplish flowers that bloom for less than a day.


(Plants) any of various tropical and subtropical plants of the genus Commelina, having jointed creeping stems, narrow pointed leaves, and blue or purplish flowers which wilt quickly: family Commelinaceae


(ˈdeɪˌflaʊ ər)

any of various plants of the genus Commelina, of the spiderwort family, usu. bearing clusters of small blue flowers that open only during the day.
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Noun1.dayflower - any plant of the family Commelinaceaedayflower - any plant of the family Commelinaceae
herb, herbaceous plant - a plant lacking a permanent woody stem; many are flowering garden plants or potherbs; some having medicinal properties; some are pests
Commelinaceae, family Commelinaceae, spiderwort family - large widely distributed family of chiefly perennial herbs or climbers: spiderworts
Paradisea liliastrum, St.-Bruno's-lily - a variety of spiderwort
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Instead of forest floors carpeted by picturesque arrays of trout lily or bloodroot, we have dense and oppressive monocultures of the ubiquitous garlic mustard, smartweed, Asiatic dayflower and Japanese stilt grass.
Competitiveness of alexandergrass or bengal dayflower with soybean.
Resistance of benghal dayflower (Commelina benghalensis) seeds to harsh environments and the implications for dispersal by mourning doves (Zenaida macroura) in Georgia, U.
2009) documented Benghal dayflower (Commelina benghalensis) seed survivability in the guts of mourning dove (Zenaida macroura; a species closely related to white-winged doves), while Olin et al.
Predominant weeds Guinea grass Guinea grass (Panicum maximum) (Panicum maximum), and Bengal dayflower southern sandspur (Commelina (Cenchrus echinatus) benghalensis).
The plants named dayflower belong to the Commelinaceae family, genus Commelina, composed of approximately 205 species (JOSEPH; NAMPY, 2012).
And many species of dayflower are considered just that, especially in parts of the South and Southwest.
He was the first trainer from the UAE to win a race in Europe when Dayflower won at York 20 years ago.
I've had a few special moments, like being the first UAE trainer to saddle a winner in the UK when Dayflower won the Middletown Stakes at York in 1993 and being honoured by the Queen during the special Diamond Jubilee year in 2012," he said.
Floral Organogenesis and The developmental basis for pollinator deception in the Asiatic dayflower Commelina communis (Commelinaceae).
In 1993, Seemar gained a slice of history when he became the first UAE trainer to win a race in Europe, when Dayflower won the Middleton Stakes at York.