daylight savings

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Noun1.daylight savings - time during which clocks are set one hour ahead of local standard timedaylight savings - time during which clocks are set one hour ahead of local standard time; widely adopted during summer to provide extra daylight in the evenings
time - the continuum of experience in which events pass from the future through the present to the past
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This state exempts itself and all of its political subdivisions from the observance of daylight saving time, between 2 a.
Wilson and his fellow researchers estimate that shifting to daylight savings time would reduce koala collisions by up to eight per cent during the week, and as much as 11 per cent at the weekend.
The time laws are as follows: after a two-year hiatus, Iran in 2008 resumed Daylight Saving Time on Now Ruz for the first six months of the Persian year; the United States is on Daylight Saving Time from the second Sunday in March to the first Sunday in November.
Introducing additional daylight savings measures would affect each and every child in the country, every day of the year, giving it a far greater reach than most other potential policy initiatives to improve public health.
TEHRAN (FNA)- The clocks in Iran would go forward by one hour at midnight of Friday-Saturday to use daylight saving time.
A Daylight Savings Bill which proposes GMT+1 in the winter and GMT+2 in the summer is being considered by Parliament.
The company's "battery promotion," mailed just before the end of daylight savings time, comes with a snap-in, 9-volt battery and a four-color printed piece about fire safety.
You and your BFFs need to squeeze the, uh, daylights outta daylight savings time.
Then there's that stupid daylight savings crap which makes it get dark even earlier.
FOR OVER A DECADE, Tokyo resident Mike King has sought to convince the Japanese government to introduce daylight savings time in Japan.
Mexico only recently adopted daylight savings time, a result of our pressuring our southern neighbor to be in step with the U.
The internet provider - which recently picked up an ISPA award for best consumer ISP - has also introduced a Daylight Savings package (pounds 6.