de Kooning

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de Koo·ning

 (dĭ ko͞o′nĭng), Willem 1904-1997.
Dutch-born American painter and leader of the abstract expressionist school. In the 1950s he produced a monumental series entitled Woman, characterized by unrestrained color and a violent treatment of subject matter. His wife, Elaine Fried de Kooning (1918-1989), painted in a variety of styles, often devoting numerous works to a single theme, as in her drawings and portraits of John F. Kennedy.

de Kooning

(də ˈkuːnɪŋ)
(Biography) Willem (ˈwɪləm). 1904–97, US abstract expressionist painter, born in Holland

de Koo•ning

(də ˈku nɪŋ)
Willem, 1904–97, U.S. painter, born in the Netherlands.
ThesaurusAntonymsRelated WordsSynonymsLegend: Kooning - United States painter (born in the Netherlands) who was a leading American exponent of abstract expressionism (1904-1997)de Kooning - United States painter (born in the Netherlands) who was a leading American exponent of abstract expressionism (1904-1997)
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APORTRAIT bought on a website selling second-hand items has been identified as a lost work by Dutch abstract artist Willem de Kooning.
Founded in 1968, the Saturday Group is comparable with other prolific artist groups such as Eduouard Manet's 'bohemes' that met at Cafe Guerboi in 19th-century Paris, and the Cedar Bar Group of New York in the '50s that had the likes of Jackson Pollock, Willem de Kooning and Mark Rothko.
Summary: In the middle of the 20th century American artist Robert Rauschenberg approached an older colleague, Dutch-born abstract expressionist Willem de Kooning, and asked if he could erase one of his drawings.
By the time Elaine de Kooning died in East Hampton in February 1989, her husband's Alzheimer's had advanced considerably.
There is a train track in the history of art that goes way back to Mesopotamia," Willem de Kooning once said.
The KunstHalle is presenting 113 drawings, watercolors, and goauches from 1955 to 2009 by Georg Baselitz, Willem de Kooning, Sigmar Polke, Arnulf Rainer, Neo Rauch, and Gerhard Richter.
WILLEM DE KOONING (Dutch/American, 1904-1997), Woman, 1965, Signed de Kooning-, signed Willem de Kooning, dated 1965 and inscribed to Barbara and Roy/Goodman/East Hampton on notecard affixed to the reverse, Oil on paper laid to panel, 19 x 24 inches.
One of the first works a visitor to the Gallery of Lost Art encounters is a drawing by Willem de Kooning.
En los collages dadaistas los saltos van de un "fragmento de realidad a otro, creando--dice Elaine de Kooning de esta manera una sensacion de lo amargo o de lo absurdo".
The book begins with an interview with Beel conducted by editors Mil De Kooning and Christopher Van Gerrewey (both: architecture and urban planning, Ghent U.
SIGUE ABIERTA EN EL MUSEO DE ARTE MODERNO, el MOMA, la gran exposicion retrospectiva de Willem de Kooning.
Occasionally an exhibition distinguishes itself and reveals the singular genius of an artist to the public in some new or definitive way, and certainly MoMA's recent Willem de Kooning retrospective was one of these.