de Kooning

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de Koo·ning

 (dĭ ko͞o′nĭng), Willem 1904-1997.
Dutch-born American painter and leader of the abstract expressionist school. In the 1950s he produced a monumental series entitled Woman, characterized by unrestrained color and a violent treatment of subject matter. His wife, Elaine Fried de Kooning (1918-1989), painted in a variety of styles, often devoting numerous works to a single theme, as in her drawings and portraits of John F. Kennedy.

de Kooning

(də ˈkuːnɪŋ)
(Biography) Willem (ˈwɪləm). 1904–97, US abstract expressionist painter, born in Holland

de Koo•ning

(də ˈku nɪŋ)
Willem, 1904–97, U.S. painter, born in the Netherlands.
ThesaurusAntonymsRelated WordsSynonymsLegend: Kooning - United States painter (born in the Netherlands) who was a leading American exponent of abstract expressionism (1904-1997)de Kooning - United States painter (born in the Netherlands) who was a leading American exponent of abstract expressionism (1904-1997)
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De Kooning ``is one of the two greatest painters in American art since World War II, the other being Jackson Pollock,'' said William Rubin, director emeritus of MOMA's department of painting and sculpture.
Mediation made a cameo appearance here, too--the silhouette of a Coke bottle that de Kooning used as a support for the clay in one work protruded from top and bottom, interrupting the representational with the commodified real.
Recent and past editions by Richard Artschwager, Larry Bell, Cecily Brown, Sophie Calle, Vija Celmins, John Chamberlain, Ron Davis, Richard Diebenkorn, Mark Di Suvero, Willem de Kooning, Joe Goode, Philip Guston, David Hockney, Jasper Johns, Edward Kienholz and Nancy Reddin Kienholz, Roy Lichtenstein, Brice Marden, Julie Mehretu, Elizabeth Murray, Bruce Nauman, Claes Oldenburg, Darryl Pottorf, Ken Price, Robert Rauschenberg, Susan Rothenberg, and Ed Ruscha
Among the artists represented in the $285 million collection will be Monet, van Gogh, Renoir, Matisse, de Kooning and Lichtenstein.
Recently I have started making collages based on de Kooning paintings.
While the illustrations illuminate the book with bold color and brushwork, the text provides a fascinating autobiographical glimpse into the artist's friendships with Jackson Pollock, Willem de Kooning, Mark Rothko and Franz Kline and her involvement with cultural figures such as poet Frank O'Hara.
Not only were many of his poems directly inspired by artworks, but O'Hara's edgy sidewalk verse supplied a backbeat to the creative endeavors of Willem de Kooning, Jasper Johns, Grace Hartigan, Larry Rivers, et al.
This publication contains reproductions and brief statements by artists such as Sam Francis, Hofmann, Ellsworth Kelly, de Kooning, Barnett Newman, Pollock, Rothko, Warhol and many others.
An outdoor plaza has featured sculpture by Andre, de Kooning, and di Suvero.
Both figurative and abstract works are discussed and brief biographies of each sculptor, including Rodin, Maillol, Matisse, de Kooning, Picasso, Calder, and Oldenburg are presented.
De Kooning even rubbed out O'Hara's bluntly handsome face, deciding ``it was more Frank than when the face was there.
The students concluded that although some of the paintings of de Kooning, Matta and Motherwell appeared carelessly simple, great effort had been made.