De Soto

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de So·to

 (dĭ sō′tō, dĕ), Hernando or Fernando 1496?-1542.
Spanish explorer who landed in Florida in 1539 with 600 men and set out to search for the fabled riches of the north. For the next three years he explored much of southern North America, discovering and crossing the Mississippi River in 1541.

De Soto

(də ˈsəʊtəʊ; Spanish de ˈsoto)
(Biography) Hernando (ɛrˈnando). ?1500–42, Spanish explorer, who discovered the Mississippi River (1541). Also: Fernando De Soto

De So•to

(də ˈsoʊ toʊ)
Hernando or Fernando, c1500–42, Spanish explorer in America.
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She married Wayne Skobel on March 10, 1990 in De Soto and he passed away Jan.
AS SUPERINTENDENT OF DE SOTO NATIONAL MEMORIAL IN BRADENTON, JORGE ACEVEDO, a native of Puerto Rico, presides over 30 historically and ecologically important acres.
Hernando de Soto told Steve he's given Sisi a plan "outlining specific changes to the bureaucracy and legal code needed to integrate an estimated 60% of the population into the system by registering and documenting ordinary Egyptians' assets.
Resumen: Se compara la doctrina de Suarez sobre la causalidad de la voluntad con la de Domingo de Soto.
Hearing the barking dogs: Hernando de Soto and his recipe for the Amazon
Folks along the west coast of Florida will find a wide variety of desirable species to catch and facilities to make their catching more comfortable at Fort De Soto State Park at the southern tip of Pinellas County on Mullet Key.
The discussion of De Soto centers on weak institutions of property rights system particularly on the lack of land titles by the poor, hence they cannot generate capital since the absence of land titles that can be used as collateral deprive the poor of access to credit market.
Other than the expeditions of Hernando de Soto from 1539-1543, Juan Pardo's brief entrada in the 1560s, and the abortive--and violently terminated--French exploration and colonization attempts in Florida during the same decade, scholars of the region have few primary sources to draw upon.
Father Lao-Tzu would be surprised to hear Mandarin spoken in a 7th grade reading class at De Soto (Wisconsin) Middle School.
De entre todos los tratadistas interesados en la cuestion de las implicaciones juridicas, morales, economicas y sociales de la usura, he escogido a uno de los mas significados representantes de la Escuela de Salamanca: Domingo de Soto (4).
De este modo, el argumento de Soto puede ser perfectamente aceptado aun cuando se considere que su definicion en este punto sea muy cenida.
Nicolas de Soto used to tend bar at L'Experimental Cocktail Club (www.