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Noun1.deVries - Dutch botanist who rediscovered Mendel's laws and developed the mutation theory of evolution (1848-1935)deVries - Dutch botanist who rediscovered Mendel's laws and developed the mutation theory of evolution (1848-1935)
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com)-- Brian Buckley, Operations Manager of Thunder Energies Corporation, a publicly traded company with stock symbol (OTC: TNRG), today announced the appointment of Robert Devries as the Vice-President of Production.
Michael DeVries, a certified athletic trainer at Schaumburg High School, was named the regional nominee for the 2018 Newell National Athletic Trainer of the Year Award.
ADT, the leader in security and automation solutions for homes and businesses in North America, today announced that Jim DeVries has been named President.
2] uptake, which has implications for climate change, has been a mystery, but research from geographer Timothy DeVries and colleagues demonstrates that a slowdown of the ocean's overturning circulation is the likely catalyst.
They make clear, as does the DeVries brief, that when manure is stored and recycled, it is a substitute for commercially available products.
The board has invited DeVries to join the Supervisory Board, and he has expressed his willingness to accept.
Now the father of 15-year-old Leondre Devries has said he wrote the pair's hit song Hopeful - and that they are performing it without his permission.
Renew Financial CEO Cisco DeVries is the inventor of PACE financing, which allows property owners to voluntarily finance the entire cost of energy efficiency, water efficiency, and renewable energy upgrades to their homes and businesses and then repay those costs as a line item on their property tax bill.
Howard DeVries, pastor of care ministries at Pleasant Street Christian Reformed Church, 25 Cross St.
The lights were switched on by Joey Devries from boy band Overload Generation, who made it to the live finals of this year's hit television show.
e two young lads, rapper Leondre Devries "Bars" and singer Charlie Lenehan "Melody", met with adoring fans at HMV, where piercing screamed echoed through the shopping centre.
Rhonda Lee DeVries, a bank officer at First Security Malta bank was sentenced to 110 months in jail after being found guilty of bank fraud, embezzlement, credit card fraud and money laundering amounting to nearly USD3.