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n. pl. dead·men
1. A rigid plate, beam, or similar object embedded crosswise in a mass of soil or other material to act as an anchor, as for a retaining wall.
2. A prop used as a temporary support for a board or other object.

[dead + man (probably because a deadman is a heavy object that is buried).]


n, pl -men
1. (Civil Engineering) civil engineering a heavy plate, wall, or block buried in the ground that acts as an anchor for a retaining wall, sheet pile, etc, by a tie connecting the two
2. (Mountaineering) mountaineering a metal plate with a wire loop attached for thrusting into firm snow to serve as a belay point, a smaller version being known as a deadboy
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A dead man sits on all our judgment-seats; and living judges do but search out and repeat his decisions.
And what if I had been accused of robbing a dead man, Gaffer?
They placed the coffin on the ground, but he went to it and took the lid off, and a dead man lay therein.
A laugh went up at my appearance,--a laugh that was not lessened or softened by the dead man stretched and grinning on the deck before us; a laugh that was as rough and harsh and frank as the sea itself; that arose out of coarse feelings and blunted sensibilities, from natures that knew neither courtesy nor gentleness.
Returning to the body, he lifted it to his shoulder, and risking all on a quick sally, ran swiftly across the narrow opening which separated the prisoner's tent from that of the dead man.
Out with that money or you're a dead man," said the taller of the two Assassins.
A DETECTIVE searching for the murderer of a dead man was accosted by a Clew.
The man with the book was not reading aloud, and no one spoke; all seemed to be waiting for something to occur; the dead man only was without expectation.
He was a strong man, but he was not used to this sort of thing, and he had barely recovered yet from the first shock of finding himself face to face with a dead man.
Yes, they appear to be searching a wounded or dead man.
he answered, "I am a dead man, that's all, I am a dead man, I can't recover it, I have seen him.
The dead man lay on his back, sprawling with outstretched limbs in the centre of the room.