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Supposing that the tune allotted to him was the Dead March in Saul.
Take it for all in all, it was perhaps the happiest day he had ever known in his life; not even excepting that on which his heroic partner had approached the nuptial altar to the tune of the Dead March in Saul.
Bella hummed the Dead March in Saul, and said, after all it signified very little
The lieutenant had returned only to go away again three days later, when the wail of the Dead March, and the tramp of the squadrons, told the wondering Station, who saw no gap in the mess-table, that an officer of the regiment had resigned his new-found commission.
As her verdict was handed down, the Dead March from Saul was hummed in the dock and a coin was thrown at her.
Fedra fo ddim mynd i gysgu'r nos nes fod ei wraig wedi chwarae'r Dead March, gan Handel, ar yr harmoniwm.
The band of the Border Regiment was present and played the Dead March in Saul with much feeling, while the Philharmonic Choir sent vocal aid to the service.
Willie and Korie Robertson Make Feature Film Debut in GOD'S NOT DEAD March 21, 2014
The prime suspect in the case was found dead March 11 in New Delhi's Tihar Jail.