dead ringer

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dead′ ring′er

a person or thing that closely resembles another.
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Noun1.dead ringer - a person who is almost identical to anotherdead ringer - a person who is almost identical to another
colloquialism - a colloquial expression; characteristic of spoken or written communication that seeks to imitate informal speech
look-alike, double, image - someone who closely resembles a famous person (especially an actor); "he could be Gingrich's double"; "she's the very image of her mother"
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ACTRESS Nikki Sanderson swings back to the 60s as a dead ringer for TV favourite Cilla Black.
And Georgia, subtly and smartly played by Muth, seems a, um, dead ringer for ``SFU's'' angry young teen played so capably by Lauren Ambrose.
After Dev broke her regular ones Deirdre had to wear a pair she last sported back in the days when she got decent storylines, and suddenly she became a dead ringer for Dutch footballer Edgar Davids.
And in her place, is a dead ringer for the outlandish American comic and presenter.
Doherty's a dead ringer for Jack Nicholson in The Shining as he pokes his head out of the door at a Soho's Jazz After Dark club.
There, Lizzie meets a dreamy Italian teen pop idol (Yani Gellman) - she's a dead ringer for his former singing and romantic partner, Isabella - and plays hooky from the field trip to hang with him.
The white head and black eye circles make him a dead ringer for the famous giant pandas of China.
When something goes wrong with one of the women in his life, he flees to his friends (one of whom, by the way, sounds like a dead ringer for Sid, the sloth from ``Ice Age'').
Her real son is Alex - who is a dead ringer for her late husband.
SO a David Cameron dead ringer has been signed by a model agency.
The Girls Aloud singer cuddled the dead ringer for bandmate Cheryl Tweedy as they partied at Pangaea nightclub in London before leaving together in a top of the range Mercedes.
Sporting an unruly mop of curls, a smattering of stubble and large shades, 29-year-old Chris was a dead ringer for Bob Dylan.