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or deaf·blind  (dĕf′blĭnd′)
Being both deaf and blind.

deaf′-blind′ness, deaf′blind′ness n.


a. unable to hear or see
b. (as collective noun; preceded by the): the deafblind.
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Tim said: "Sense provides vital support to children and adults with complex communication needs, including those who are deafblind.
I h rough my work as a disability rights lawyer, and my personal experiences as a deafblind woman, I have spent a significant amount of time studying the disability experience .
Strengthening and streamlining the interpreter certification process will help us better serve the deaf, deafblind and hard of hearing community in Michigan, Calley said.
The Hutchinson Deafblind Trust, a charity that provides advice and support for deafblind people and their families across Yorkshire, began helping Jeanette shortly after it was launched in 2009.
Securing employment is a challenge for individuals who are deafblind.
I was told by an expert that Ella was deafblind - meaning she had both a hearing and visual impairment - requiring a very specific way of teaching.
The needs of deafblind people we support are often complex.
Deafblind NI is a membership organisation of, and governed by, people who are deafblind or have both a sight and hearing loss.
I was put in touch with John Whitfield, who works for Deafblind Scotland and has Usher syndrome himself," Lisa said.
Aside from her studies, mother-of-four Jane has been volunteering for eight years at Sense''''s north and mid-Wales branch in Wrexham, which offers a support network for deafblind children and adults and their families.
The money raised by the Bridgend runners for Sense will help deafblind children and adults overcome the isolation they face on a daily basis and enjoy some of the things that most people take for granted.