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adj. deaf·er, deaf·est
1. Partially or completely lacking in the sense of hearing.
2. often Deaf Of or relating to the Deaf or their culture.
3. Unwilling or refusing to listen; heedless: was deaf to our objections.
n. (used with a pl. verb)
1. Deaf people considered as a group. Used with the.
2. often Deaf The community of deaf people who use American Sign Language as a primary means of communication. Used with the.

[Middle English def, deef, from Old English dēaf.]

deaf′ly adv.
deaf′ness n.
Usage Note: The rise of the Deaf Pride movement in the 1980s introduced a distinction between deaf and Deaf, with the capitalized form used specifically in referring to deaf persons belonging to the community—also known as Deaf culture—that has formed around the use of American Sign Language as the preferred means of communication.
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LEXIS 106274, at *17-18 (stating that the issue "is not whether Defendants, by listing shares of stock on the NYSE, consented to regulation by the United States government (which they deafly did), but whether Congress intended a private right of action to apply extraterritorially such that it reaches transactions that are executed on foreign exchanges.
Ye are doubly dear; / Her children deafly love your whispering charms: / Ah, ye have murmur'd sweet to many an ear / That now lies dormant ill Death's icy arms.
That student who deafly isn't on a path to a four-year degree or even a two-year degree, but could under the right circumstances find training if they knew there was a job opportunity.
Field experiments deafly indicate that, with the adoption of high-yielding cultivars and adequate use of mineral fertilisers, yields from a wheat-soybean cropping system could be increased from subsistence levels to economically profitable levels (Ved Prakash and Gupta 2002).
Reviewing the history of the press in Iran during the lifespan of the current regime deafly demonstrates that they have had no hesitation in closing news outlets that in democratically governed countries are usually the eyes and ears of the people, and provide checks and balances as far as their governance is concerned.
The engagement of any individual or group concerned with quickening the end of extreme poverty is deafly both welcome and encouraging.
Pesaturo said that by eliminating the variable work, quality improves as a result of deafly defined standard work steps.
It should be noted that on Chinese maps there is a tenth dash outside the South China Sea, to the southeast of Taiwan, that deafly indicates China's claim over that island.
the alimony payor) generally does not vary, and to the extent that it does vary, it does not vary over a set of facts and circumstances that are deafly definable ex ante.
The answer is deafly no and it is important that companies not get completely distracted by the current focus on distracted driving as it specifically relates to electronic devices.
His success in the bond business deafly demonstrates the significance of Chicago and the "geography of capital" that William Cronon contends as being crucial to the development of the West.
70) His Hispanic acculturation can deafly be seen in actions before the Inquisition.