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tr.v. de·al·co·hol·ized, de·al·co·hol·iz·ing, de·al·co·hol·izes
To remove some or all of the alcohol from (beverages): dealcoholized the white wine.

de·al′co·hol′i·za′tion (-hô′lĭ-zā′shən, -hŏl′ĭ-) n.
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The surface of ATP was coated with APTES by a dealcoholization reaction to obtain primary amine groups modified ATP according to the reported procedure [35, 36], Typically, 2 g ATP was suspended in 100 ntL xylene in a 250 mL round bottom Bask under the condition of ultrasound dispersion.
Schmidt-Bretten--manufactures Schmidt plate heat exchangers and thermal process systems, including evaporation systems, pasteurizers and dealcoholization plants.
Ironically, one of the most articulate calls for this sort of real transparency is not from "wine advocate" Robert Parker or other vinous Ralph Naders, but from Clark Smith, founder of Vinovation, a wine consulting firm principally known for offering services like dealcoholization.
Chapter four deals with fragrances and flavorings, chapter six talks about fruit extracts and the importance of deterpenation and dealcoholization of fruit oils, chapters six and seven deal with use of SCFE to extract herbs, chapter six focuses on spices and chapter seven properly with botanical extracts.