n. Informal
1. A device, especially one whose name is unknown or forgotten: Twist that dealie to the right to open the panel.
2. An arrangement or provision by which something is undertaken: We signed up for one of those dealies where all the ingredients needed to make meals for a week are delivered to our doorstep.

[deal + -ie.]
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We just didn't have the funds to be in the studio or on the road, so we were only a working band when we told our Web site fans where to meet us for the weekend and we'd do a kind of company picnic dealie in the city of our choice.
When I called to make the appointment and she asked my name, I kinda freaked out and looked around the room until I saw that little RCA dealie on the bottom of the TV.
WASHINGTON -- LivingSocial today announced the winners of its second annual Dealie Awards.