death certificate

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death certificate

(Medicine) a legal document issued by a qualified medical practitioner certifying the death of a person and stating the cause if known

death′ certif`icate

a certificate signed by a doctor, giving information about the time, place, and cause of a person's death.
شَهادَة وَفاه
úmrtní list
halotti bizonyítvány
úmrtný list
defin ruhsatıölüm belgesi

death certificate

n (Admin) → certificato di morte


(deθ) noun
1. the act of dying. There have been several deaths in the town recently; Most people fear death.
2. something which causes one to die. Smoking too much was the death of him.
3. the state of being dead. eyes closed in death.
ˈdeathly adjective, adverb
as if caused by death. a deathly silence; It was deathly quiet.
ˈdeath-bed noun
the bed in which a person dies.
ˈdeath certificate
an official piece of paper signed by a doctor stating the cause of someone's death.
at death's door
on the point of dying.
catch one's death (of cold)
to get a very bad cold. If you go out in that rain without a coat you'll catch your death (of cold).
put to death
to cause to be killed. The criminal was put to death by hanging.
to death
very greatly. I'm sick to death of you.
References in classic literature ?
Wilkins nor myself could give a death certificate under the circumstances.
She has been married three years, and believes that her position is quite secure, having shown her husband the death certificate of some man whose name she has assumed, when suddenly her whereabouts is discovered by her first husband; or, we may suppose, by some unscrupulous woman who has attached herself to the invalid.
The department made these updates to the birth and death certificate ordering process to give our commonwealth's servicemen and women the opportunity to have essential records at their fingertips in the most expedient and efficient method available.
But Stone-Hoskins had been unable to obtain a revised death certificate.
I said I didn't support the application for a death certificate.
One of the items that influences correct completion of the death certificates and consequently the coding of the reported causes of death, is the format and content of the death certificate as well as the instructions to complete it (Sibai et al.
Furthermore, the sensitivity of the EDRS was < 50% compared with that of traditional reporting, suggesting that many doctors do not consider influenza as a significant condition to list on death certificates or are not aware of a positive laboratory result when the death certificate is signed.
Death certificates should say whether the deceased smoked cigarettes, researchers have said.
Raj Jit Singh Hundal, who is currently posted as Senior Superintendent of Police in Taran Taran, had fraudulently got his death certificate prepared.
A MOTHER and daughter found dying in a hotel last month were killed by wounds to their left arms, their death certificates have revealed.
If a death certificate has been issued, it means all investigations are over," the official said.
Mr Evans said: "This Bill would go some way to sparing families the unnecessary financial and legal bureaucracy which they S are forced to go through without a death certificate.