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Not subject to termination or death; immortal: deathless renown.

death′less·ly adv.
death′less·ness n.
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Then, last of all, that pale clear-cut face, that sweet clear voice, with its high thrilling talk of the deathlessness of glory, of the worthlessness of life, of the pain of ignoble joys, and of the joy which lies in all pains which lead to a noble end.
Separating us from others he said, "I have acquired some esoteric drugs, but have no desire to obtain a state of deathlessness for myself alone.
Religion, in his view, is a nonreductive category related to an "'immaterial dimension of beatitude and deathlessness.
Descrying a lack of scholarly focus on this remark and the themes it invokes, The Broken Scythe presents itself as both a remedy and an invitation, analyzing some of the many, many roles played by death, fatality, deathlessness, and other issues of mortality in Tolkien's various writings.
His reward is indemnity for the inevitable deathlessness of such questions and their potentially tragic contradictions.
Tolkien is referring to the contrast between human beings, with their short lifespans, and elves, who possess the potential of deathlessness.
in Greek tradition, deathlessness is usually a distinctive attribute of the Gods.
The Emperor forced thousands of scholars to search for "herbs of deathlessness.