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Still Dantes could not view without a shudder the approach of a gendarme who accompanied the officers deputed to demand his bill of health ere the yacht was permitted to hold communication with the shore; but with that perfect self-possession he had acquired during his acquaintance with Faria, Dantes coolly presented an English passport he had obtained from Leghorn, and as this gave him a standing which a French passport would not have afforded, he was informed that there existed no obstacle to his immediate debarkation.
Having safe harbor ports of debarkation outside of enemy anti-access/area-denial capabilities makes onward movement capabilities essential.
It is a 10-day long festival that falls during the Malayalam month of Chingam, marking the remembrance of Vamana Avatara of God Vishnu and debarkation of the legendary king Mahabali.
It is a critical component in the development of Salalah, in conjunction with other DLA and Naval Supply Systems Command Enterprise capabilities, as an additional full-spectrum logistics Seaport of Debarkation / Aerial Port of Debarkation in the AOR [area of responsibility]," said NAVCENT Assistant Chief of Staff for Logistics and Infrastructure (N4) Capt.
In support of steady-state planning, joint engineers must acquire knowledge of critical terrain information such as runway dimensions at potential aerial ports of debarkation or the harbor depths at potential sea ports of debarkation to support the future movement of forces.
Although this was no base camp, aerial port of debarkation, or surface port of debarkation, the landing zone served a similar purpose.
Because Sadly, rather than rescuing fleeing Somalis from Yemen's civil war, Somaliland openly denied her debarkation at Berbera, closest safe haven by escaping folks of approximately a quarter million Somalis who already fled from Mogadishu's insecurity and sought safety earlier on.
At the same time, the strategic deployment represents the mission to transport the forces comprising personnel, equipment and materials from the Port of Embarkation to the Forward Movement Base or to the Port of Debarkation [11].
The authorities were alerted to the need for her to be immediately evacuated, with standard procedure being for the Marine Coastguard Agency to arrange a medical debarkation.
OPLAN Distant Archer describes the initial organizational construct for arrival at an airport or seaport of debarkation following joint forcible entry scenarios and sets conditions for expansion of a lodgment to conduct of follow on unified land operations.
In 2006, we moved from a Joint Chiefs of Staff Tank Brief to certifying Aerial Port of Debarkation (APOD) Initial Operating Capability (IOC) in just nine months.
Official points of embarkation and debarkation are Bagram Airbase, Kabul International Airport, Kandahar Airbase, Shindand Airbase, Herat International Airport, Mazar-i-Sharif Airport and Shorab (Helmand).