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Noun1.debit entry - an accounting entry acknowledging sums that are owingdebit entry - an accounting entry acknowledging sums that are owing
accounting entry, ledger entry, entry - a written record of a commercial transaction
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37) In a typical debit entry, the payee (Originator) initiates the entry through its bank (ODFI) by requesting that funds be removed from the account of the payor (Receiver) at the RDFI.
The accounts begin in 1804, when Malthus was 38 years of age, with the first credit entry on June 20 and the In'st debit entry on June 27.
The reason behind this advice is that, if the corresponding debit entry in the merchandise account were lower, the merchant might think the merchandise cost less and so sell it too cheaply since the apparent profit on the re-sale would appear to be high enough to satisfy him.
I am yet to reconcile with the new debit entry that has started appearing in my bank statement.
While RBI has no objection for use of mobile channel to provide basic services such as mobile alerts for credit or debit entry, balance enquiry etc.
In accounting terms, software's consumption value is a credit entry in the living-standard ledger, and forgone production is a debit entry.
So, for every debit entry, there must be an equal and opposite credit entry.
She offered me her sincere apologies and cancelled the debit entry on my account.
ACH-Based Electronic Check: A payment that begins as a source document is converted into an ACH debit entry; or a payment that begins as a paper check is truncated to an ACII debit entry.
The voided check is handed back to the customer with a receipt, and the paper-based process is converted into an automated clearinghouse debit entry.