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also deb·o·naire  (dĕb′ə-nâr′)
1. Sophisticated; urbane.
2. Gracious and charming in a cheerful, carefree way.

[Middle English debonaire, gracious, kindly, from Old French, from de bon aire, of good lineage or disposition : de, of (from Latin ; see de-) + bon, bonne, good (from Latin bonus; see deu- in Indo-European roots) + aire, nest, family; see aerie.]

deb′o·nair′ly adv.
deb′o·nair′ness n.
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To stud at 5 and dam of: Debonairness (1989 f by State Dinner; slow maiden), Affirm The Gold (1990 f by Golden Act; modest maiden), Caress (1991 f by Storm Cat; won triple Gr3 winner on grass), Country Cat (1992 f by Storm Cat; Gr3 winner on dirt , Gr1-placed on grass), Unify (1993 f by Farma Way; winner, Gr3-placed on grass), Emmaus (1994 f by Silver Deputy; unraced), Layounne (1995 f by Mt Livermore; placed on grass), Firmness (1996 f by Devil's Bag; placed), Bernstein (1997 c by Storm Cat; Gr3 winner).