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Adj.1.debonnaire - having a sophisticated charm; "a debonair gentleman"
refined - (used of persons and their behavior) cultivated and genteel; "she was delicate and refined and unused to hardship"; "refined people with refined taste"
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de Mazarin was a very debonnaire prince, and he, who prevented nobody from singing, provided they paid, was not tyrant enough to prevent people from talking, provided they made up their minds to lose.
I am right glad of it," answered Sir Nigel; "for though it was against my vow to loose him, I deem that he has carried himself like a very gentle and debonnaire cavalier.
In 840AD, Louise Le Debonnaire, son of Charlemagne and heir to a huge empire, died of fright after seeing the Sun disappear behind the Moon.
Writing in Paris, Lionnet deplores the French attitude that allowed the piracy to have continued for so long: "En verite, nous sommes le peuple le plus debonnaire du monde.
Dapper gaffer Jacko left the pundits panting yesterday with his debonnaire touchline get up but will face an even sterner test when he faces Jose.
It is set around a love story between an unhappily married man and a wannabe reality TV star who is working in The Debonnaire brothel as a prostitute.
Far from being offensive, the Debonnaire is the kind of cosy suburban knocking shop that even local church groups would be actively campaigning to keep open.
In her Five show, Jodi's character comforts bumbling, married Michael - played by Justin Edwards, 34 - who is infatuated but too polite to ask her for sex at the Debonnaire, a "respectable" suburban brothel.
A ready scorer on his debut at Warwick, William Haggas' three-year-old was arguably denied a double by the rattling-fast conditions at Yarmouth, where he finished a neck second to Debonnaire.
An international cast brought together Roberto Alagna, an impetuous Marius in fine vocal fettle, Angela Gheorghiu, a juvenile and moving Fanny, Jean-Philippe Lafont, an imperious and debonnaire Cesar, and Marc Barrard, poignant and remarkable in every way as Panisse.
Les Religieuses connaissaient meme le nom du futur commissaire politique qui, au lieu d'etre un Surintendant debonnaire comme ses predecesseurs, allait les priver de toute autorite et les retourner a leur maison-mere.
lt;<On trouve chez ces Negres une force physique extreme et la plus grande sensibilite accompagnees d'[un caractere] debonnaire, mais aussi d'une cruaute inouie, inconcevable.