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 (dā′brēd-mäN′, dĭ-brēd′mənt)
Surgical excision of dead, devitalized, or contaminated tissue and removal of foreign matter from a wound.

[French débridement, from débrider, to unbridle, debride (from the likening of constricting bands of tissue to bridles), from Old French desbrider : des-, de- + bride, bridle (probably from Middle High German brīdel, rein).]

de·bride′ v.


vb (tr)
to remove (dead tissue or extraneous material) from a wound


vt desbridar
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Dans une seconde partie, le rythme etait nettement plus debride.
En privilegiant l'analyse de Rostow a la demarche de Marx, on court le risque de faire l'apologie du liberalisme et du capitalisme debride tout en prenant a son compte le mythe d'une societe de consommation de masse qui n'a vu le jour nulle part.
Malaga s'est impose avant-hier samedi sur le fil (1-0) a domicile contre l'Osasuna Pampelune, les Andalous se portant ainsi a hauteur de Valence, 5e ex-aequo, tenu en echec (3-3) sur le terrain de l'Espanyol au terme d'un match debride, pour la 31e journee du Championnat en d'Espagne.
She underwent a second surgery to reopen, irrigate, and debride the original wound.
Based on technology developed in collaboration with the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN, the TX1 System delivers proprietary energy to debride, emulsify, and aspirate degenerated tissue through a pen-like ultrasonic handpiece.
In addition to its antibacterial effect, topically applied honey creates a moist environment and is said to debride wounds, promote healing by stimulating tissue regeneration, and inhibit scar formation.
Humming above me, they debride the gallery, disappear inside.
Later this year she will be working with the company to conduct a clinical trial using maggots to debride leg ulcers.
Last year, 30,000 NHS patients were treated with maggots to debride their wounds.
Since there is no kinematic problem with debriding the central two-thirds of the disc, one can debride the thinning degeneration of the disc, even if there is no frank perforation, and unload the ulnar side of the wrist with a wafer procedure.
The products are focussed on painless treatment and the range includes sophisticated ultrasound and laser debridement instruments, as well as medical maggots, which are used to debride wounds biologically.
They explain how to decide when and when not to debride, how to evaluate and work with the shape of the wound, and the types of tissues to debride.