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 (dā′brēd-mäN′, dĭ-brēd′mənt)
Surgical excision of dead, devitalized, or contaminated tissue and removal of foreign matter from a wound.

[French débridement, from débrider, to unbridle, debride (from the likening of constricting bands of tissue to bridles), from Old French desbrider : des-, de- + bride, bridle (probably from Middle High German brīdel, rein).]

de·bride′ v.


(dɪˈbriːdmənt; deɪ-) or


(Surgery) the surgical removal of dead tissue or cellular debris from the surface of a wound
[C19: from French, from Old French desbrider to unbridle, from des- de- + bride bridle]


(dɪˈbrid mənt, deɪ-)

surgical removal of foreign matter and dead tissue from a wound.
[1835–45; < French débridement=débride(r) to take away the bridle, Middle French desbrider (des- de- + brider, derivative of bride bridle)]
de•bride′, v.t. -brid•ed, -brid•ing.


A surgical method of removing contaminated tissue.
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Noun1.debridement - surgical removal of foreign material and dead tissue from a wound in order to prevent infection and promote healing
surgical operation, surgical procedure, surgical process, surgery, operation - a medical procedure involving an incision with instruments; performed to repair damage or arrest disease in a living body; "they will schedule the operation as soon as an operating room is available"; "he died while undergoing surgery"


n. desbridamiento, proceso quirúrgico de limpieza de una herida o quemadura para prevenir una infección.


n desbridamiento
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ECMCC is seeking proposals from qualified vendors to provide an ultrasonic wound debridement system.
The new iPad app was designed to educate users on the extensive benefits of ultrasonic wound debridement using the SonicOne technology.
The following data were collected for each patient: (1) demographics (age, occupation, marital status); (2) clinical features (comorbidities, etiologies, microbiological results and antibiotics, time from emergency room admission to surgery); and (3) surgical parameters (duration of surgery, number and extent of debridement surgeries, need of other surgical specialist).
The report " United Kingdom Wound Debridement Devices Market Outlook to 2020" provides key market data on the United Kingdom Wound Debridement Devices market.
The authors conclude that in this patient population, "There is moderate evidence to suggest that there is no benefit to arthroscopic meniscal debridement for degenerative meniscal tears in comparison with nonoperative or sham treatments.
18) The investigators reported that approximately 80% of knees treated with arthroscopic debridement had associated intra-articular pathology compared to only 13% of openly debrided knees.
Post surgical debridement, the patient's pressor requirement and renal dysfunction improved dramatically.
The term debridement refers to the removal of surface debris, devitalised tissue (slough) and infected matter.
Debridement can be undertaken with a hydrogel, but many scientists have said that larval therapy debrides wounds more swiftly, along with stimulating healing and reducing infection.
Identifying flies used for maggot debridement therapy.
Before debridement was started, 2 ml lignocaine solution was administered topically for temporary pain relief during the intervention.
Severity of the lesions demanded surgical debridement (online Appendix Figure, available from http://www.