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(Dutch deˈbɛiə)
(Biography) Peter Joseph Wilhelm. 1884–1966, Dutch chemist and physicist, working in the US: Nobel prize for chemistry (1936) for his work on dipole moments



n. Elect.
a unit of measure for electric dipole moments, equal to 10–18 statcoulomb-centimeters. Abbr.: D
[1930–35; named after P. J. W. Debye]



Peter Joseph Wilhelm, 1884–1966, Dutch physicist and chemist, in the U.S. after 1940: Nobel prize for chemistry 1936.
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alpha]] and [alpha]-amino acids have a dipole moment of 15 to 17 debyes (D) (1 debye equals 3.
Gurevich and Tagantsev (73) studied the loss tangent for cubic and rhombohedric symmetries for temperatures far below the Debye temperature [T.
Double-stranded DNA possesses a large induced dipole moment on the order of thousands of debye, due to the counterion atmosphere.