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n. Informal
1. Decaffeinated coffee.
2. A serving of decaffeinated coffee.

de′caf′ adj.


1. (Cookery) decaffeinated coffee
2. (Cookery) decaffeinated


1. decaffeinated coffee or tea.
2. decaffeinated.
[1980–85; by shortening]
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Noun1.decaf - coffee with the caffeine removed
coffee, java - a beverage consisting of an infusion of ground coffee beans; "he ordered a cup of coffee"


n abbr of decaffeinated (inf)Koffeinfreie(r) m (inf)


[diːˈkæf] n abbr
1. adj (fam) → decaffeinato/a
2. ndecaffeinato
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We are delighted to begin this new chapter for our company, said Brent Fleming, President and CEO of QUSAC Decaf.
Clearly it is time for a "re-set" with regard to decaffeinated coffee in terms of the coffee drinkers' point of view (and, yes, those who drink decaf are coffee drinkers, contrary to the jibes by their friends and even the sneers of many members of the coffee trade who don't see them as "real" coffee drinkers).
So if you have an anxiety disorder, irritable bowel syndrome or heart disease, or if you take certain medications, watch your consumption or opt for decaf.
ROAST & GROUND ANYTIME DECAF I really liked this decaffeinated coffee - one of a growing number now in supermarkets.
In tea, decaf is the second fastest-growing sector, worth 27m [pounds sterling] and up 10% year-on-year [IRI].
In preliminary tests using coffee and cola, an experimental version effectively distinguished caffeinated versions of these products from their decaf counterparts, Ladenson explains.
According to DeCaf, when contaminated water comes in contact with MIPS, molecules of the fuel additive adhere to the polymers, removing MTBE from the water.
Scientists hope to cross it with commercial crops to make brands of natural decaf that could be available within five years.
Graham of the University of Guelph in Ontario and his coworkers recently tested the effect of pure caffeine, caffeinated coffee, and decaf on blood sugar in lean and obese people with and without type 2 diabetes.
Women who drank four or more cups of decaf coffee a day were at an increased risk for the disease.
Older shoppers are thinking healthier thoughts about margarine, vitamins, poultry, decaf coffee, low fat milk and ice cream.
It also includes Aurora VLSI's DeCaf and Zucotto Wireless's Xpresso processor family.